PA’s head of elections: ‘We’re coming in the home stretch here’

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Pennsylvania’s chief election official has suggested that the “overwhelming majority of ballots” have already been counted but that more need to be tallied in order to get a clearer sense of who the winner in the state is.

Kathy Boockvar, the Pennsylvania Sec. of State, elaborated on the progress made with the vote count so far at a late Thursday afternoon press conference in Harrisburg, saying that: “We’re coming in the home stretch here.”

“What’s happening now is having enough ballots counted to actually see who the winner is,” she said, adding, “the farther apart [the margin] is, the easier it is to tell.”

Link to another press conference video clip here.

“So, it’s very close in Pennsylvania,” Boockvar continued, “there’s no question. And so that means it’s going to take longer to actually see who the winner is. But I can tell you that there are several hundred thousand ballots remaining to be counted. You can track all that—what counties it remains in—look at our website and you’ll be able to see how we get to the conclusion.”

As for when she believes some results will be revealed, while also emphasizing that the full election results won’t be officially certified until 20 days after the election, she says their ahead of schedule.

“What I’ve said all along is that the overwhelming majority of ballots will be counted by Friday,” she said.

Continuing, she said, “I still think that we are ahead of schedule—” but then she corrected herself and added that “we actually already have counted the overwhelming majority of ballots, but, because it’s a close race, it’s not quite clear yet who the winner is.”

At the time of publication, President Trump has a slight lead over former Vice President Joe Biden, but Biden is closing the gap between them as more ballots are counted.

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