Papadopoulos: John Brennan is Lying – CIA Targeted and Spied On Me In London

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George Papadopoulos says that John Brennan the former CIA Director was lying when he told MSNBC this week that the agency does not spy against “domestic individuals.”

“That’s the reason why I was flown to London, to be spied on, and why the British were also meeting with me and probing me on the same exact day that these two figures were paying me and spying on me and recording my conversation,” Papadopoulos said.

“Yeah, usually the CIA doesn’t spy domestically, and that’s why they brought me to London to meet Stefan Halper and this informant,” he told MacCallum. “So I have to highly disagree with John Brennan and I think the CIA is up to their neck in this.”

Watch full interview on Fox News.