Pam Bondi: The Trump Admin Is Doing Everything To Get Our Kids Back To School

National Co-Chair of Women for Trump and Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi called into The Sara Carter Show podcast Thursday from a pink Women for Trump bus traveling throughout Wisconsin. Bondi, who served as an advisor to President Donald Trump during his impeachment probe in Congress, is now helping with his campaign speaking to voters, business owners, and local leaders across the Dairy State.

On the bus, Bondi was also joined by Trump 2020 Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson, and Women for Trump Advisory Board Member Penny Nance.

“We’re headed to the round table now and we’re gonna be addressing many things. You know, one is getting our kids back to school. And you know, that’s so important,” Bondi said, revealing she had spoken with Education Secretary Betsy Devos earlier that day, who told her “that they’re doing everything they can to get our kids back to school.” Bondi added, “And we all know what Joe Biden would do. He would take away scholarships from thousands of minority kids. I mean, that’s so important. To not only women but men, but working mothers especially. And, you know, President Trump believes that every child, regardless of their background, incomes because they deserve the right to quality education. And so, no president has done more for our children than President Trump. And that’s something so important. But also, like you said, our economy and keeping our businesses open and that’s so important to the president and for our country.”

The bus tour will end Saturday with the final stop being the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention, where the women expect to be welcomed by a crowd fired up to vote for President Trump in November.

“We’ve always said we’re the silent majority, but we need to stop being silent,” Bondi concluded. “We need to be the voice of the President. Women need to get out there everywhere. I mean, silence is over at this point, and now I proudly wear my Trump hat. I proudly wear my trump paraphernalia and I will engage people. I will talk to people about it and that’s what we have to do. We can’t take anything for granted. Especially in the world in which we live now.”