Palestinian Leaders Cut Security Ties With US Over Israel’s Plan To Annex Part Of West Bank

Palestinian leaders have suspended security ties with the CIA over Israel’s plans to annex parts of the West Bank, which is backed by the U.S. as part of the Trump administration’s Middle East Peace Plan, a Palestinian official said Tuesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“Security cooperation with the United States is no more. Security coordination with Israel is no more,” General of the Palestine Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat said. “We are going to maintain public order and the rule of law, alone.”

The Trump administration’s plan supports that Israeli “enclaves” in the West Bank will become Israel’s sovereign territory while offering the Palestinians a “state that encompasses territory reasonably comparable in size to the territory of the West Bank and Gaza pre-1967.”

It also seeks to improve conditions in the West Bank through bettering education, infrastructure, and trade. “Peace to Prosperity is a realistic and achievable plan that can be implemented by the Palestinians, with the support of the international community, to build a better future for the Palestinians and their children,” the plan states. “Through this vision, the West Bank and Gaza can provide a future of dignity and opportunity for the Palestinian people.”