Palestinian Authority reportedly in talks with Biden Campaign

Palestinian officials have confirmed to The Media Line that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is maintaining communication with the campaign of US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Having dialogue with the Democratic candidate is important to the leadership,” one of the officials told The Media Line. “We want to let Mr. Biden know that we are willing and ready to talk.”

During President Donald Trump’s first term in office, he has shown strong support for Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt while drawing opposition from many Arab states backed by Iran.

In 2017, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy there. In 2019, he recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He released a new Middle East plan in January 2020 in alliance with Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, the PA has condemned the policies of Trump’s administration as Trump has isolated the Palestinians and their Iranian backers by brokering peace deals with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. More countries, including Sudan, are expected to also normalize relations with Israel.

As a result of the Trump administration’s efforts, Palestinian leaders cut off contact and refused to enter US-led talks with Israel.

And with the results of Tuesday’s election looming, the Palestinian leaders are eager for a Biden victory.

Jihad Harb, a political analyst for multiple Palestine media outlets, said the Palestinians are watching the election campaign with great interest because whoever wins will have major impact on the Palestinian cause, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“The [Palestinian leaders] definitely want Trump to leave,” said Harb. “He imposed a set of cruel, unfair and anti-Palestine measures, and therefore they prefer Biden, at least because of their experience with him during his years as vice president in the Obama administration.”

Joe Biden served as vice president for two terms under Barack Obama and as a leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before that.