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Palestinian Authority Brainwashes its Youth to Murder Israelis



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Muhammad Aliwat, a 13-year old Palestinian boy from the eastern Jerusalem village of Silwan, recently opened fire on an IDF soldier and his father in Jerusalem, before being neutralized by the soldier. He had written a note to his mother stating “God, victory, or martyrdom.” His school was found to use textbooks that contained vicious propaganda inciting violence against Jews and Israel, including in math and science textbooks. An Arabic textbook used in his school had graphic descriptions and images of Palestinians “cut[ting] the throats of enemy soldiers” and “put[ting] on explosive belts.”

Unfortunately, the Palestinian Authority (PA) brainwashes its children to support terrorism. The watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch compiled several recent examples of such indoctrination. Such propaganda undermines any prospect for peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

Incitement to Violence

PA-controlled media incites Palestinian children to commit violence against Israelis. PA TV broadcasted a song performed by a girl in honor of her terrorist father who was in prison: “Daddy gave me a present, a machine gun and a rifle. When I am big, I will join the Liberation Army. The Liberation Army taught us how to defend our homeland. We will achieve victory over America and Israel.” PA TV has also repeatedly shown children singing a poem in school that calls them “[t]o war that will smash the oppression and set the Zionist’s soul on fire.”

On the PA Ministry of Education’s Facebook page, students supported a terrorist that murdered an Israeli soldier by calling the terrorist a “role model” and a “shining star.” The PA Ministry of Education also led a campaign where 40,000 Palestinian children wrote letters to that terrorist in support of him. One of the PA’s schools included in a physics test a question that a student needed to calculate to determine how far a famous terrorist travelled to commit murder.

A Cult of Martyrdom

Palestinian media also incites Palestinian children to give their own lives for martyrdom for the sake of Palestinian nationalism. A narrator on PA TV called children “a sacrifice for Jerusalem and the [Palestinian] cause.” A Palestinian poet commented on PA TV that children are “self-sacrificing fighters.” PA TV celebrated the funeral of a 14-year-old terrorist, added a song in the procession’s coverage that stated “the angels await me, [as do] Martyrdom and redemption.” Regarding that same terrorist, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) posted on its Telegram page that its secretary-general commended the terrorist as a “member and child martyr” and a “source of pride.”

Enabled by Family Members

The Palestinian media’s brainwashing of young Palestinians to commit terror is often facilitated by the family of the terrorists. When speaking of their son, a 19-year-old terrorist that was killed by Israeli forces, his father said that “[h]e never aspired…to prepare himself for the future. He aspired to Martyrdom.” A grandfather of an 18-year-old terrorist that was killed by Israeli security when attempting to infiltrate an Israeli town, stated that “[w]hen a person dies as a Martyr this act is a heroic act.” On PA TV, a mother praised her 16-year-old terrorist son who was killed by the IDF by stating “[m]y son wanted to be a Martyr his whole life and he achieved it, Allah be praised.” The father of a 17-year-old terrorist that was killed by the IDF stated to PA TV that his son “…was among the young people who aspire to liberate Palestine” and that he was not “peace-loving.” Various other immediate family members have gone on the record to Palestinian media to express their support for the martyrdom of their family members. The mother of a terrorist who began terror when he was 11 years old admitted that the Palestinian Authority brainwashed her son, stating following his death from cancer that “To the Fatah Movement I say: You took Nasser from me when he was a child.”

Palestinian media continues to incite violence against Jews and Israelis. Such incitement raises serious questions about the viability of any peace prospects between the Palestinians and Israel. True peace is possible only with the total eradication of this indoctrination.

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