Page Tells Bartiromo He Was A Source For CIA But Later Used To Spin False Narrative Against Trump

Edits and Omissions in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Report regarding President Donald Trump and Russia are being scrutinized as more information exposes that the report was skewed to make it appear that there may have been obstruction by the administration.

Carter Page appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the topic and he told Bartiromo that there will be an avalanche of information in the upcoming weeks and “the more transparency the better…hopefully we start seeing it.”

“I had a longstanding relationship with the CIA, going back decades, essentially,”

– Carter Page

He repeated to Bartiromo that there is far more to the Mueller report than what was released. He also reiterated that the report was “completely spun” to advance the false narrative of obstruction being pushed by the Democrats and target the Trump administration.

“What we had here in the Mueller report was just half the story,” said Page. “There are so many specific details to what actually happened.”

Page Was A Source For the CIA And FBI For Decades 

Page said he had a “long standing relationship with the CIA going back decades.”

The FBI, DOJ had spun Page’s previous contacts with the Russians to create the illusion that he was working on behalf of the Russians, while he was with the campaign, he said. Those contacts were fully disclosed to the CIA, FBI and DOJ in an effort to help the country. However, later those same agencies used his work to target Trump.

“I think there is just completely false stories to what you’re alluding too,” he said. “I was always very transparent, open. It was completely spun.”

“I had a longstanding relationship with the CIA, going back decades, essentially,” Page said. “I was always very transparent, open.”

Page had reported to the CIA for decades, assisting the country. He said he was stunned when his name was leaked in the false stories, in particular the Yahoo story, falsely stating that he was working with the Russians. He noted that Mueller did not disclose the ongoing death threats he faced after his name was leaked.

Page said he was “acting as a source, completely helping our country and doing it for free.”