Outsourcing To Rural America Could Be The Next Holy Grail

“American businesses are still outsourcing overseas, and in doing so overlook huge opportunities here at home in rural America,” said Shane Mayes, the CEO of Onshore Outsourcing to OANN.

“This is a massive well of untapped talent that people could be outsourcing to rural America as supposed to going overseas,” continued Mayes. “We need to figure out how to retool underemployed and dislocated workers in these underserved communities.”

These rural based jobs could compete directly with China and India for Fortune 1000 companies.

“Another misperception in America’s outsourcing practices is how American employers assume that IT jobs require college degrees,” continued Mayes. “Not everybody needs to go to college…I din’t go to college…these IT jobs don’t require that, so if people can get in the habit of training to the exact job to be done, workforce development can be done far more efficiently.”

American rural communities can step up to the plate when it comes to competing with China and India. “If we can get the word out that this workforce is available, and that there are ways to retool them, then it will have a significant impact in our country,” concluded Shane Mayes.