Ouch! Pelosi Was On Tarmac When Trump Cancelled “Excursion” Overseas

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to be furious with President Donald Trump after he canceled her overseas junket. She was waiting on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews preparing to leave at 3 p.m. Thursday when her team got word.

Trump cancelled the trip until an agreement can be reached on border security. He noted the 800,000 workers who have not received pay, saying she can reschedule her trip at  the end of the government shutdown.

“Due to the shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed,” said Trump in his letter.

Pelosi’s CoDel, meaning the government was paying for her flight, was scheduled to leave when they received word from the president, said Fox News White House Anchor John Roberts on Twitter.

“She will have to fly commercial,” said Roberts referring to Trump’s letter. “No military transportation.”

Judiciary Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham said Pelosi’s request to postpone the State of The Union was inappropriate but so is Trump’s decision to cancel her trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan at the last minute.


Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, said on Twitter: “First it was Hawaii. Then it was Puerto Rico. Then it was using military aircraft to fly overseas…all while the government is shut down.”

However, a former aide to House Speaker Dennis Hastert suggested that Pelosi’s planned junket during the shutdown was a bad idea from the beginning.

She was slated to lead the congressional delegation and had a government plane ready to leave from Joint Base Andrews, which is the same departure point as Air Force One, according the reports.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted the letter Thursday afternoon.

Twitter was buzzing with memes and news about the trip cancellation.