Opioids Crisis: 10 people die of overdoses in 26 hours in Ohio

“As of about 10 am this morning we have had 10 people die of overdoses in about 26 hours,” Franklin County, Ohio Coroner Anahi Ortiz said in a statement posted to Facebook Sunday. “This is an unusually high number for our county in this period of time.”

The surge in overdose deaths prompted Franklin County, Ohio officials to urge locals to carry naloxone — an overdose reversal drug — on them at all times in the event someone around them overdoses on opioids.

Ortiz added: “At this time we know fentanyl can be mixed into cocaine and methamphetamine. These can be deadly combinations for those who are using.”

The coroner issued a similar alert last month when six people died from an overdose in less than 24 hours from Aug. 10 to 11. She said the “majority of overdose deaths continued to be fentanyl-related.”