Only 54% of Americans Think Joe Biden Is Capable of Debating President Trump

The mainstream media may be trying to hide Biden’s constant mind slips and confusing sentences, but voters are still aware of the frightening health condition of the Democrat frontrunner, leading to a mere 54% of voters believing Biden is capable of debating President Trump, according to new data from Rasmussen Reports.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters think Biden is capable of debating the president. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree and say he is not capable of such a debate. Another 11% are not sure,” according to the report.

Commentators have long speculated the three standard debates scheduled for the nominees will hurt Biden’s support greatly — his campaign may recognize this because they rejected Trump’s proposal for more debates.

There is also a push to have Biden not debate altogether with a piece from the New York Times saying unless Trump’s tax returns are provided and a live fact-checker is present, the former Vice President should sit them out — of course the columnist doesn’t mention Biden’s inability to speak coherently which is certainly the underlying reason for the proposal.

Further, Rasmussen reports “38% of all voters, including 20% of Democrats, believe Biden is suffering from some form of dementia. Sixty-one percent (61%) think it is important for him to address the dementia issue publicly.”

So while shame may be thrown at any public figure who question Biden’s health, it seems a significant chunk of voters are curious and unconfident in his abilities, too.