One week into devastating TX storms, Biden finally meets with FEMA

After a week of devastating storms in Texas that left millions without power and at least 47 dead, President Biden has finally decided to take action to help the Lone Star State.

The Federalist reported Friday that Biden finally announced his plans to meet with Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Bob Fenton. Over the past week, Biden has been criticized by opponents and allies for not acting sooner.

“The major declaration that the governor is requesting now allows me to not only do more things to repair permanent infrastructure, but also the ability to help individuals. So we just got that this morning, and we’ll be evaluating that and meeting with the president here to discuss it later on today,” Fenton said, as reported by the Federalist.

For days, Texas has been in freezing temperatures while electricity has gone out in massive parts of the state — leaving residents without heat.

“I’m going to sign [that] declaration once that’s in front of me,” which “God-willing will bring relief to a lot of Texans,” Biden said.

Read the Federalist’s investigation here.

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