Omar ‘Should be embarrassed’ She Wants To Defund Police, GOP Opponent Says

Lacy Johnson, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Republican opponent vying for Minnesota’s fifth district’s congressional seat, posted a thread on Twitter Sunday night in response to the Minneapolis City Council’s move to proceed with voting to disband the police in response to the death of George Floyd. Omar, who is backing the move, is an ’embarrassment,’ Johnson said.

The City Council has garnered a veto-proof majority of members’ support for the action.

The following is Johnson’s Twitter thread:

Omar recently told constituents that she’s backing the move, calling the MPD “rotten to the root” and a “cancer” that must be removed. The City’s Mayor Jacob Frey, however, couldn’t commit to such a sweeping overhaul.

Johnson has received President Donald Trump’s endorsement for the race. The Minnesota state primary is set for August 11, 2020.