NYC Comptroller: ‘Shut Down the New York City Now before is Too Late’

Scott Stringer, the Comptroller for New York City called for a city-wide shutdown, including closing bars and restaurants, on Sunday.

In a series of tweets he said:

“The way to get out of crisis is to act logically and strategically.
Logic says we need universal testing but that’s sadly not happening. Strategy says we need more aggressive social distancing.
That is why today, out of an abundance of caution, I am calling for a city shutdown.
Only essential services should remain open. No bars, restaurants, or movie theaters.
And I am again calling for NYC schools to be shut down.
We cannot go on with business as usual.This is about all of us.
This is about protecting our most vulnerable.
Lives are at stake and there’s no time to waste.
We have to flatten the curve.
As Comptroller and as a public school parent, I am painfully aware of the consequences these actions will have: on families who depend on schools for critical services and on the livelihoods of New Yorkers.
But the consequences of not acting will be even more devastating.
We need flexible working arrangements for all workers,​ innovative food distribution plans, support for families with older relatives, child care for essential service workers, access to counseling, and resources for households without internet access.
And we need to act now.”