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NYC Bans Teachers From Using Zoom Over ‘Zoombombing’ Concerns



New York City’s Department of Education has directed teachers to stop using the video conferencing software Zoom over rising concerns of hackings or “Zoombombings.” The memo, recently obtained by the New York Post, directed schools across the city that are closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic to use Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom.

“We know how hard you and your staff are working to make remote learning a reality for students and families, and appreciate the ways in which you’re going above and beyond every day. We also know you share our concern for student safety,” DOE chief operating officer Ursulina Ramirez wrote in a letter to school principals, according the memo.

The letter continued, “If you are currently using Zoom for video conferencing, we are ready to support you in a transition as quickly as possible.”

A range of groups using the software for educational or religious gatherings have reported individuals or groups hijacking their chat rooms to promote racist, antisemitic, pornographic images or rhetoric, dubbed “Zoombombings.”

Bryan E. Leib, Former National Director of Americans Against Antisemitism & 2018 Republican Congressional Candidate for PA-03, was leading a Zoom webinar two weeks ago with Ellie Cohanim, the U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor & Combat Anti-Semitism. The webinar was quickly hijacked when “a White Supremacist crashed our Zoom meeting to flash his Swastika Tattoo to a group of Jewish teens,” Leib said in a statement to

“This was a cowardly act designed to intimidate the teens. However, it didn’t work! The teens filed a complaint with Zoom, a police report the next day and then they publicly shamed him by posting his picture in a JNS article.” he said, “I applaud the NYC DOE for taking strong and decisive action to protect our city’s youth from white supremacists, neo-Nazis and racists of all kinds that wish to infect the minds of our youth with their hate.”

Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan recently responded to users concerned over privacy, telling CNN’s Brian Stelter, “Our service was built to serve business and enterprise customers, however, during this COVID-19 crisis, we moved too fast.”

In the past few weeks, the company has taken steps to mitigate the initial “missteps” including implementing password protections and is actively working with school systems to prevent “Zoombombings”, the CEO said.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from “Zoombombings” click here.

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Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Considers Gubernatorial Run in 2026



GettyImages 1472572668 scaled

Republican Representative Byron Donalds from Florida is contemplating a potential bid for the governorship of the Sunshine State in 2026, according to a source close to him confirmed by Fox News Digital.

Donalds, who has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, revealed to Fox News Digital his current focus on assisting Trump’s bid to return to office, stating, “I’m committed to making Biden a one-term president. We’ll focus on that other stuff after President Trump gets inaugurated.”

This announcement comes as Donalds finds himself at the forefront of the ongoing efforts in the House to pass a continuing resolution aimed at preventing a government shutdown. He has been actively involved in seeking a bipartisan consensus to ensure government funding through the end of October, as the September 30th deadline approaches.

Additionally, Donalds has expressed his willingness to serve as Trump’s running mate if asked by the former president, adding intrigue to his potential gubernatorial ambitions.

Notably, this development emerges amid speculations about a gubernatorial run by another prominent Florida Republican, Representative Matt Gaetz. Gaetz recently dismissed such rumors, affirming his focus on supporting Trump’s prospective 2024 White House run.

The timing of Donalds’ potential candidacy for Florida’s governorship coincides with the state’s constitution barring current Governor Ron DeSantis from seeking re-election in 2026 due to term limits.

While House Republicans have generally reached a consensus on the funding measure, some holdouts, including Gaetz, threaten to disrupt the process. Gaetz has even raised the possibility of a mutiny against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to challenge his leadership.

However, McCarthy has downplayed these threats, responding to Gaetz’s intentions during a House GOP conference meeting with the directive to “file a f—ing motion” if he intends to remove him from his position as House Speaker.

The outcome of the continuing resolution and the dynamics within the House Republican caucus will undoubtedly influence the political landscape in Florida and the aspirations of figures like Byron Donalds in the years to come.

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