NY Dem state senator: Cuomo ‘knowingly chose to lie’ about nursing homes

Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing increased scrutiny, as Democratic Party members are speaking out against his failed handling of the COVID-19 epidemic in New York State. The evidence, compiled in a thorough report by the New York state Attorney General, revealed troubling allegations that Cuomo’s administration not only exposed nursing facilities COVID-19 but also underreported the deaths by at least 50 %.

The scandal widened when State senator Jessica Ramos, who represents a district in Queens, released a blistering statement Friday that Cuomo’s administration “knowingly chose to lie & play politics with New Yorkers’ lives.”

Ramos accused the governor of ““allow[ing] his ego and his donor base to dictate the response to this pandemic.”

She called for Cuomo’s emergency powers, which were granted to him in the early days of the pandemic, to be stripped. She also demanded an investigation be done and the governor and his team be subpoenaed.

The news comes as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to condemn Cuomo’s actions.

Asked Friday about the Biden administration’s view of Cuomo and his team “withholding information” on their handling of the pandemic, Psaki said they are not looking to “give anyone a stamp of approval,” as reported by the Post Millenial.

“The president hosted Gov. Cuomo and a bipartisan group of governors and mayors to the White House today to get their perspective from the front lines,” she added.

“Not to give anyone a stamp of approval, or to seek their stamp of approval, and, to discuss the urgency of passing the American rescue plan,” she concluded.

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