The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee sent numerous letters Tuesday to former high-ranking Obama administration officials demanding full disclosure of their knowledge of the controversial and unverified dossier that sparked the investigation into allegations alleging collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential elections, according to a letter obtained by this reporter.

Chairman Devin Nunes, R- CA, did not disclose which senior members of the Obama administration received the letters but asked that all questions be answered by March 2, 2018. More importantly, the letter specifically asks if then President Obama was made aware of the contents of the dossier prior to Jan. 5, 2017 and whether or not any officials leaked the contents of the dossier to reporters or media representatives.

“Enclosed please find a series of questions regarding the information contained in the Steele dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary for America (Clinton Campaign) and used in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application targeting Carter Page,” the Nunes letter states.

There are ten questions attached to the letters (download letter page one | page two) that range from when the officials first became aware of the contents contained in the dossier and what they did with the information once they were made aware of it.

The Questions:

  1. When and how did you first become aware of any of the information contained in the Steele dossier?
  2. In what form (s) was the information in the Steele dossier presented to you? By whom? (please describe each instance)
  3. Who did you share this information with? When? (Please describe each instance)
  4. What official actions did you take as a result of receiving the information contained in the Steele Dossier?
  5. Did you convene any meetings with the intelligence community and/or law enforcement communities as a result of the information contained in the Steele dossier?
  6. When did you first learn or come to believe that the Steele dossier was funded by a Democrat-aligned entity?
  7. When did you first learn or come to believe that the Steele dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and or Hillary for America (Clinton Campaign)?
  8. When did you first become aware that the Steele dossier was used to obtain a FISA order on Carter Page?
  9. Was President Obama briefed on any information contained in the dossier prior to January 5, 2017?
  10. Did you discuss the information contained in the Steele dossier with any reporters or other representatives of the media? If so, who and when?



  1. Sara you a truly a patriot and deserve an award, but does Nunez really believe these unnamed Obama pundits are going to give honest answers and not a pack of lies and that is even if they answer which I doubt. Nunez will only get blank paper in return. You don’t have tp be a rocket scientist to know they will LIE or plead the 5th.

  2. Sara you a truly a patriot and deserve an award, but does Nunez really believe these unnamed Obama pundits are going to give honest answers and not a pack of lies and that is even if they answer which I doubt. Nunez will only get blank paper in return. You don’t have tp be a rocket scientist to know they will LIE or plead the 5th.

  3. Thank you so much Sara for everything you are doing for America! I hope you are recognized for all your hard work in upholding the standards and integrity of true investigative journalism when this concludes. You know you have the undying gratitude of the American People. Sara A. Carter for the first female President of the United States! ????

  4. Those are tough questions. Whatever their responses or failures to respond, the Obama officials will be on the record. Congressional followup could be quite interesting.

  5. Why is Season not going after Hillary? Many crimes have been committed yet nothing but these “crumbs” on lying to the FBI? I’m not understanding why Republicans aren’t demanding Hillary and Obama get investigated. Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. Because it is an ongoing crime and Statue of Limitations does not apply.
    I heard someone say that Pres. Trump will let her be charged (finally) but then will pardon her, I agree that will probably be the outcome. Trump doesn’t want blood he just wants to be vindicated.

  7. Correct: And if they do, can you really believe any of these people. They have lied under oath numerous times. We see how they have worked to do this, what thinks this will bring any truth.

  8. Hi Sara, I can only hope AG Sessions is investigating the corruption of Hillary & Obama behind the seen, What I mean is the Russia investigation Mueller is doing is a Fraud and Americans know it because of the Bias investigators Mueller hired. But just look at the many Crimes that America is now learning. Uranium 1 is just one part of Hillary & Obama corruption. What about Bill Clinton & Lynch Tarmac meeting, do you think Sessions is on the Case or would that be too much to ask?

  9. Probably will get letters back with law firm letterheads.
    Subpoenas may be issued, but we can now expect a legal battle over every square inch of subpoena from now on out. The idea will be delaying tactics so that when the congressional majority changes with the midterms, there won’t be anything to worry about.

  10. What has become of Tony Podesta? He surely has dropped off the radar recently. Will he become a sacrificial lamb if Meuller needs a Lib to throw to the wolves?

  11. Because Sessions is a swamp creature trying to fool everybody. Why else would he have done so little while all this is coming out?

  12. Pardon her? On what premise? She’s a criminal. There is no blood on his hands if the Justice Department finally does it’s job after being a couple of decades late to the game. And, for which crime(s)? There is a roster to be investigated with her name on it. We the People deserve to have criminal elected and appointed officials pay the price. I hope the President follows, Qs advice. “You play. You pay. No One is Exempt.” Why should she keep getting away with vile crimes against our nation. More Blackmail? More Arkanciding? Who is she to get away with this year after year after year? She didn’t steal chewing gum! Now, that would be pardonable.

  13. Great questions, but loaded ones at that! Rule number one – ‘never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to’. I suspect that Nunes and other committee members are placing former Obama administration members into a perjury trap- a well-earned one. Time for the participants in this seditious coup to be prosecuted.

  14. We have no way of knowing what Sessions is doing behind the scenes. I believe & hope & pray that he is investigating all of this Democrat dirt that Sara is uncovering.

  15. Barry O and his minions have been stealing elections for years and now the truth is coming out. The day Trump in the debate said if he was president she would be in jail was the day he won the election.

  16. The only thing that will change in Congress is Republicans will pick up more seats then they have now, some republican Congress seats will be changed out by RINO’s being voted out and replaced by true President Trump supporting conservatives and republicans will pick up more seats in the Senate to finally stop any Democratic filibusters.

  17. It’s like an attorney once said, before you ask a question from a witness you better already have the answer. I have more confidence in Nunes I bet he already has the answers to the questions, he’s not stupid, he wants to catch these people lying and then call them out on it.

  18. I really don’t understand the lack of a strong offensive with the gathering of information. Subpoenas are powerful tools and should be used at this time. Too many in the Obama Administration were known liars, attempted to hide many of their illegal activities, and will ignore requests like they ignore law.

  19. That’s EXACTLY what I asked about it! Running out time so Hilary can be covered yet again! Enough is enough already with her and those who do her bidding!

  20. Thank you Sara for your diligent and outstanding work in uncovering and sharing your findings with the American people. The level of corruption in the last and previous administrations is beyond shocking and needs to be uncovered and stopped so that the American people can be heard and not continued to be lied to. Please continue informing us and digging deeper into the muck these corrupt politicians have lead our great country into. Continue to Make America Great Again with your reporting and investigating. Thank you again.

  21. Sarah A Carter…. Thank you for the work you do. If the rest of the reporters did their jobs the same way the Democrats what not have gone as far left as they have over the years. It seems like most of the reporters in the main stream media don’t know or understand the special priveledges granted to them by constitutionally tested laws enacted to protect them. They all are agenda driven. Your type of reporting is from the old days and that’s refreshing. God bless you.

  22. He can demand all he wants, those cretins will lie and obstruct like they always have. It’s despicable. I can’t believe all the criminality that has come to light so far and those people STILL HAVE JOBS.

  23. I had never heard about Q until a helicopter crashed very near to the office building where I work Jan 30. While a local police helicopter circled overhead, in the manner of police helicopters, for about an hour, soon three other identical unmarked small helicopters arrived and hovered over the crash site, stationary, at perfectly equal altitude and equal distance from one another…. and stayed in that position for almost 3 and 1/2 hours, until it was almost dark. Meanwhile we heard that three persons in the crashed helicopter had died, but a fourth was injured.
    I felt in my gut there was something extremely hinky about the three hovering helicopters. A week or so later I spoke with a long-time client of our business, a professional commercial pilot with 40+ years of experience, if he could find some reason for them being there. He said, “no… that’s bizarre.” After a pause, he said “All I can think of is there was someone involved in the Deep State”.
    It was by googling the crash that I found out about QAnon, by finding Q had referenced the crash.
    To this day, to my knowledge, the name and condition of the fourth passenger has not been released.

  24. Does executive privilege apply to ex-executives such as Obama? For how long does executive privilege have life?

  25. I want to know why these 10 questions were posed to them without being under oath. They are under no obligation to answer them truthfully, if at all. If they answer untruthfully (no comment necessary) and they are subsequently subpoenaed, they will say they already answered the questions and refuse to answer them again. Seems like a mistake to me.

  26. If Trump pardons her he destroys any trust his voters have and I, for one, would never vote for him in a second election regardless of what else he does. Clinton has done SO many things to warrant going to jail that he cannot pardon her. If it was something relatively minor, and a one time thing, I might be persuaded to let her go. But not with the overwhelming evidence and body of crimes she has committed.

  27. Sarah, I am so impressed with your dedication and courage to find the truth. I’m so glad you have the exposure on Sean Hannity’s TV and radio show because it is important people know what you are doing.
    I believe the information coming soon from the General Investigator will determined whether Sessions proceeds with a Special Investigation or Congressional Hearings or more. In my opinion the whole Mueller investigation is a cover up for Hillary and Obama’s crimes. When Trump was elected “they” had to come up with something because “they” know what crimes Obama committed (illegal tapping, spying on Trump, dossier, etc. for starters) and these crimes implicate a lot of people at the top, including Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Hillary, Comey, etc. This is like a dam that is ready to brake and “they” are doing everything possible to block the dam to bust open. Thank you for your diligence and great work.

  28. Am I mistaken or has one, key name ecaped any Nunes Committee scrutiny and the “List of Obama White House Suspects”… I’m referring to VALERIE JARRETT, (a.k.a. Cardinal Richelieu)

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