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January 12, 2020

Nunes: Defender Of Carter Page Surveillance Picked To Oversee FBI Reforms

By Sara Carter

Former Justice Department official David S. Kris was selected by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Friday to oversee the FBI’s reforms after Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed serious malfeasance within the FBI as it illegally spied on short term Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

The twist, Kris, is an open critic of ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes’ investigation into FISA abuse and defended Chairman Adam Schiff, D-CA, in his now debunked report on the FBI’s investigation into President Donald Trump and Russia. He’s an apologist for the FBI and according to multiple sources familiar with Kris he’s exactly what current FBI Director Christopher Wray will want to sweep the bureau’s malfeasance under a rug.

“He’s not going to do anything because in the end Kris doesn’t believe there was anything wrong with what went on at the FBI,” said a former law enforcement official. “His selection by the FISC is how bureaucrats protect themselves and could care less about the American people or the Constitution.”

So how is Kris supposed to be objective into ensuring reforms are implemented inside the FBI and for the most secretive and controversial court in the United States? He’s not.

It’s a ridiculous choice…The FISC is setting its own credibility on fire, Devin Nunes

FISC’s Letter On Kris 

The FISC gives no explanation in its letter on Jan. 10, as to why Kris was selected. In fact, Judge James E. Boasberg, who now presides over the FISC, said Kris was selected to  “assist” the FISC in assessing the FBI’s implementation of the 40 plus series of reforms Wray has said needed to be addressed.

“It is critically important that FBI applications accurately and fully reflect information_known to the Bureau that is material to those applications. In view of that significance, the Court, pursuant to 50 U.S.C. § 1803(i)(2)(B), finds it appropriate to appoint DavidS. Kris, Esq.,to serve as amicus curiae to assist the Court in assessing the government’s response to the December 17, 2019,” said Boasberg in his letter.

Nunes Tells Sara Carter ‘it’s ridiculous’

Nunes told SaraACarter.com Sunday, that “It’s a ridiculous choice. The FBI lied to the FISC, and to help make sure that doesn’t happen again, the FISC chose an FBI apologist who denied and defended those lies. The FISC is setting its own credibility on fire.”

But how can the FISC select Kris? Here’s just one example of many is a series of Tweets posted by Kris as recent as December, 2019. How can Kris be trusted to make any changes or oversee implementation of the FBI and its procedures with the FISC?

Kris’ Own Words 

For example in his March 1, 2018, Kris stated in his report at Lawfare that the FBI’s actions were warranted in the Trump-Russia probe. He attempted to tear apart the now substantiated Nunes report, revealing the FBI’s malfeasance and defended Rep. Adam Schiff’s investigation.

“The Nunes memo was dishonest,” said Kris. “And if it is allowed to stand, we risk significant collateral damage to essential elements of our democracy.” He also stated that Nunes’ could be charged with a crime, saying in his Lawfare blog that “Nunes might be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.”

Kris went on to state:

“Almost four weeks ago, based on my experience with the FISA program and those who administer it, I expressed confidence that the government “provided the court with enough information to meaningfully assess Steele’s credibility.” It took a while, but with the benefit of the minority memo—even in redacted form—this has now been confirmed. In other words, Nunes’s claim that the FBI misled the court was itself misleading.”

So this is the person that the FISC court picked to preform the oversight of the FBI regulations to protect Americans from unwarranted and illegal surveillance.

Moreover, Kris accused Nunes of federal crimes and as far as this reporter can tell he never apologized or backdown from his assertions after Nunes’ report was vindicated by Horowitz and the Department of Justice.

However, it was Kris’ assertions and Schiff’s that were proven to be false. It’s no surprise that Kris is also a contributor to MSNBC. Just watch his analysis here on MSNBC.