NUNES: Congress to Hold AG Sessions in Contempt

DOJ says "[no] disclosure...can risk severe consequences"

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed Sunday that Congress will hold Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt for refusing to turn over classified information the committee has requested, he stated in a phone interview with Fox and Friends.

The Department of Justice also shot back on Sunday, releasing the letter sent to Nunes on May 3, which addressed the classified information Nunes had requested. It appears from the letter Nunes had asked for information on a specific individual, not yet named and considered by DOJ to be a very valuable person for a counterintelligence operation.

“Disclosure of responsive information to such requests can risk severe consequences, including potential loss of human lives, damage to relationships with valued international partners, compromise of ongoing criminal investigations, and interference with intelligence activities,” stated the May, 3 letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd.

But Nunes is not buying it. He warned Sessions that ignoring deadlines requested by Congress will result in contempt. Nunes also referred to comments lambasting Special Counsel Robert Mueller by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, who said in a Virginia Federal Court Friday, “we don’t want anyone in this country with unfettered power. It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special prosecutor has power to do anything he or she wants…The American people feel pretty strongly that no one has unfettered power.”

“The only thing left that we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt…”

Nunes noted that two weeks ago, the committee sent a classified letter to Sessions and “per usual it was ignored… last week we sent a subpoena and we got a letter stating they are not going to comply with our subpoena on very important information that we need.”

“The only thing left that we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt and that’s what I’m going to press for this week,” Nunes said.

Boyd stated that Nunes’ request had been reviewed by all agencies, including the White House.

“After careful evaluation and following consultations with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the White House, the Department has determined that, consistent with applicable law and longstanding Executive Branch policy, it is not in a position to provide the information responsive to your request regarding a specific individual,”  the letter states.

But according to Congressional sources the information requested is necessary for the committee to conduct its review and the constant battles with the DOJ and FBI hamper their ability to do sufficient oversight.

Nunes, like many others have noted their frustration with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation saying, “we found out Friday from the judge (Ellis) it kind of looks like this whole investigation has gone off the rails.”

Jeff Sessions


“If you have a counterintelligence investigation opened up on you as an American citizen, this is done secretly with only a few peoples knowledge and if they go to court they go to a secret court to get a warrant on you like they did with Carter Page. So there is a very small apparatus in our country that holds the check and balance authority between Congress and the Executive Branch and when the Obama administration decided to move forward on a counterintelligence investigation in a campaign of all things that’s how we’ve gotten to here,” he added.

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Notable Replies

  1. How many times have I ( we ) read this line and similar about, holding DOJ - FBI and who ever – IN CONTEMPT – ???

    Enough already - either do it or stop proving to be as bad as the DOJ - FBI and such, and that being a bunch of spineless liars!

    Yes, LIARS. *

    What is the old line? Oh, ya …
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice or more, SHAME ON ME.

    I’m sorry Congressman Nunes, either PUT UP or just stop the lying to WE THE PEOPLE. Yes, sorry … LIES.

    Or is there a " Political Correct " term for it that waters down the fact that we are being LIED TO???

    • Don’t give me the BS that it has to be " done properly " … that time has come and gone a few times already. Either put up or shut up.

    We the people are tired of the games …

  2. Contempt of Congress, so what? Eric Holder was labeled the same. Did it alter his agenda, no. Did it have any negative result for Holder after he left office, no. So what’s the point of having an Oversight Committee if they have no power to protect American Citizens? It’s just another example of Government Corruption. It’s designed to protect those in Government, not American Citizens. Just think about it this way. The Police arrest someone for a crime. Those arrested individuals are investigated. They have to stand before a judge who tells them how bad they are but the judge and the Courts have no legal right to punish that person.

  3. After Judge Ellis made those remarks the other day, if Mueller has any integrity at all, he will end this witch hunt and be done with it.

  4. DonB says:

    strong text

    We’re still now getting the real news about world events from
    anyone! I even heard a news person state that the Deputy AG
    had more power than our government including Trump!

    Within hours of the Syrian attacks when we allowed Russia to
    remove their weapons & personnel… Russian agents still bombed
    us dozens of time more on the internet than ever had done before.

    The damage was incredible! Has anyone heard about it? I know
    of websites like one that was receiving tens of millions in hits
    annually that was down for a couple of weeks. Did you notice…
    no sanctions for Russia. We know that Russia’s people do not
    want war… Trump really knows this too.

    The dark traitors in the shadow government is losing the mind
    control over us about the nasty black bogey bear Russia. The
    real Americans will kill & defeat anyone that wishes to destroy
    our country as they are actually traitors attacking us to secretly
    destroy, control & destroy. Their major & largest chapter are
    Washington DC, New York & California.

    The Trump side & the Anti-Trumps absolutely both know the
    real reason for the hidden sewer shadow government & the
    reason that most Americans really don’t understand the secret
    goals of this inner government working to take over America.

    They have always used the created Russian bogeyman as as
    their nonsense method. Now they have become frightened and
    desperate. Many shadow agents have been revealed, fired or
    eliminated from the FBI & DOJ along. Shadow government
    DOJ & his traitors were implanted ever prior to Obama. They
    still allow some revealed traitors to continue demoted security
    clearances along with previous Obama cabinet members to keep
    their security clearances. Every real USA loving citizen would
    stop immediately… they would let those directly doing this to
    them to keep the key to have access to winning this fight!

    Even with Kennedy, the Russian political officer on their Sub
    between Cuba & Florida cancelled Russian military orders.
    They had to kill Kennedy to protect themselves. That’s Why
    are all the records are still.

    So plans began anew after Nixon & the previous President in
    power both committed major crimes. The found an hateful non
    & hating American named Obama & planned another surge for
    treason & creating & building their shadow government.

    Then the Trump mistake happened for this shadow government…
    Trump was intelligent & really is doing excellent his President
    job eagerly. How was he or any loving USA citizen to know the
    size & vile acts agents of this shadow government still would do
    to survive & actually take over the USA?

    They had Hillary as their member & puppet & thought that they
    had won! Soon they out of fear will commit, if allowed to do,
    all vile acts that they think will cause their survival. For the USA
    to continue as we love it…the takeover our government must be

    We cannot succeed by good actions & responsible govern by our
    President Trump & his local followers. Trump must immediately
    with Executive Orders put them into their role of working for us
    & the President has the power & arbitrary of firing them for any
    reason! First executive Order should be specific to everyone what
    some are doing, what should be done & provide a written agenda.

    President Trump can begin with Orders to Sewer & Rosensewer.

    All significant Cabinet leaders & their assistants should have the
    Orders from their boss soon… hopefully DOJ & FBI tomorrow.

    I really don’t want to ever hear DOJ telling a Federal Judge that
    he can’t see an item again!

    I really don’t want these shadow traitors resisting Congress.

    I want these shadow traitors to be charged & tried by USA peers!

    I enjoy that these guys fearfully know that when Trump has a few
    more Supreme Court Justices seated… this will never happen again!

    For those few Supreme Court Justices that realize this Despotic
    Deep Sewer Shadow Government is trying to take over. I PLEAD
    WITH ALL THREE of your to resign immediately… These traitor will
    be begging for sentencing deals! Thanks!

  5. Why is this not the head line ? Read what he said … The Obama administration started a Counter intel operation against Donald J Trump’s campaign… He is spilling the beans intentionally to the public and all we read about is the threat by Nunes to Sessions.

    Sara. If I may with all due respect add 1 fact :: Every one is ASSUMING this counter intel op started with the FISA warrant on Carter Page October 21st 2016. . WE are Wrong. The Obama admin opened a counter intel into Team Trump November 2015. This operation used the 702 FISA data base as one of its tools… And they Got Caught by Admiral Rodgers April 2016. Six months after the counter intel op started … And Rodgers stopped the About Queries and sent what he found to the FISC Court . The FISC court ruled Oct 26 2016 , (FISC 99 page ruling) the FBI , DOJ and a Contractor violated 4th amendment rights of Americans and shared raw 702 data with 3rd parties.

    If you under stand Obama and the Counter intel started in 2015 AND NOT with the FISA of 2016 you will awaken to a new reality… The cover of lies vanishes… HOW DO I KNOW Obama started a counter intel operation in 2015 ? Admiral Rodgers and the FISC court found the searches on Trump people started in November 2015…

    I know a lot of you who read this may not really get why November 2015 matters. Or why Rodgers and the FISC 99 page ruling matters … It Matters because the Republicans NOT TRUMP hired 5 people… Page , P-Dop, Manafort , Gates AND GLENN SIMPSON of Fusion GPS… All around the time the illegal 702 data base use was discovered by Rodgers .

    Those 5 Tried to set Trump up with Russian Gov Officials. ( They Failed) But these 5 are THE OPERATIONAL ASPECT of Obama’s illegal counter intel operation into team Trump. And the very GROUP all investigations stem from. Manafort / Gates tied to Podesta & Swamp … Page tied to Strozk FBI ( Page helped jail Russians w/FBI)/ P-Dop was tied to State dept under Hillary. And Fusion GPS is Tied to DNC Perkins coie , Chris Steele , Sid Bloomenthal , Podesta , Clinton . Obama . LOL Need I go on ?

    Funny all these guys ARE PART OF Obama’s illegal counter intel op…And all but Page and Simpson face charges YET. … Did You catch that ? P-Dop , Gates , Manafort . All part of the illegal counter intel op , all facing charges … Coincidence ?

    You see when you put the time line together from the right start date you suddenly see events in a vastly different light . When you read P-Dops testimony , and see his electronic communications you find a man . Who offered Direct Meetings with Putin to Team trump , and 5 more top Russians to be met if Trump agreed including Putin’s niece. Who supposedly has Hillary’s 30k emails… All Trump had to do was meet her in London… Its all right in his testimony … And Page he testified he spent all his time around Campaign members INSIDE Trump tower… Sure sounds a lot like what Page did when Strzok from the FBI had him do that same thing to catch Russian spies dont it ?

    And Gates / Manafort … Conveniently there with all TOP Trump members. they get to here or record any discussions the Top players might have about P-Dops multiple offers to Meet Top Russians … What could be more convenient then that . NOT to mention a minor detail in which we now know Manafort was under a counter intel operation started back in 2005… Awww really, and not a single Republican who got him hired Knew this ? Not Paul Ryan even ?? Wow how convenient is that … Gee …

    I am sorry this is so long to Sara and the other members. But the truth is . Everything I just told you has been in our face for about 6 months… And when you add the last 6 to the time line you suddenly understand …

    Sessions delay IS BECAUSE THERE RUNNING A COUNTER INTEL OP ON OBAMA EARA OFFICIALS . The same ones who made the FAKE dossier. And everyone ever Tied to Clinton and Obama… This is not about trump hunting . never was …Its about Swamp killing , and the swamp is so big and so deep that not until now are we able to piece it together with facts … Good night all .

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