Not a single Capitol rioter charged with sedition to date

Months since rioters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6th, prosecutors have not kept their promise to charge these rioters with seditious conspiracy. Yet, the majority of pundits and politicians are still calling the attack an “insurrection.”

More than 440 people tied to the riot have been charged, but with the likes of disorderly conduct, entering a restricted building, and criminal conspiracy among others. Then Chief Federal Prosecutor for the District of Columbia Micheal Sherwin had promised to be tougher on the rioters than that.

“One of the more significant charges people are very familiar with is the sedition conspiracy. That’s what we’re trying to build towards,” Sherwin said at Jan. 26th press conference.

Committing seditious conspiracy according to the law means “to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States.”

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