“America has found her voice back again, it is a good time for America in the world. For some countries that’s a good thing, for some is a bad thing, for Americans that’s a great thing,” said Amb. Nikki Haley in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

“When I came in [at the UN], Cuba had sponsored a resolution that was anti-american, that basically blamed America for everything. And the United States abstained on that vote. I came in, after they [UN] did the anti-Israel bias, and instead of standing up for our friends in Israel, the US again abstained on that resolution,” continued Amb. Haley.

“This is a new day and a new time when we don’t abstein anymore, we know exactly where the United States stands, we know what we are for, we know what we are against, and we know where we’re going. So I think there is a lot more moral clarity for the United States now, and I think countries appreciate that we are now very straight forward.”

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