NGO calls on Biden on hold Hamas accountable for using human shields

Little Hamas children in combat uniforms celebrate in 32th anniversary of Hamas organization at the Rimal district of Gaza on 14/12/2019

By Jenny Goldsberry

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies released a memo Wednesday to encourage President Biden to impose sanctions on Hamas over their use of human shields last month. Congress has already enacted a law to allow for these sanctions, it’s just up to the president to submit a list of bad actors every December.

Moreover, in 2018 Congress unanimously enacted the Sanctioning the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act. Former President Trump did not exercise his power to sanction via this law. Meanwhile, Hamas and Hezbollah continued to use human shields. Senior Fellow Orde Kittrie wrote the memo in hopes that Biden will go against that precedent.

“The Biden administration should start implementing the Shields Act, including by imposing sanctions on Yahya Sinwar, the top Hamas political leader in Gaza, and other terrorist officials for whom there is compelling evidence of their responsibility for the use of human shields,” Kiitrie wrote.

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