New York Creates Coronavirus Containment Zone, Plans To Deploy National Guard

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the state will create a containment zone in New Rochelle where the largest cluster of cases of COVID-19 are concentrated. There are currently 108 confirmed cases in the New York City suburb.

“The largest cluster of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country is located in New Rochelle, and as the numbers continue to go up we need a special public health strategy to contain it,”  Cuomo said. “We are moving from containment to mitigation, and because much of the transmission of this disease tends to happen on a geographic basis, we are attacking this hotspot at the source.”

The state will open a temporary testing facility and deploy the national guard to support containment efforts by delivering food to households and disinfect the area. The containment will begin March 12 and is set to conclude on March 25.

“It is a dramatic action but it is the largest cluster in the country and this is literally a matter of life and death,” the governor added.