New Poll Shows a Majority of Voters Want Pelosi Replaced

A new poll by Morning Consult/Politico shows a majority of Americans want Nancy Pelosi to be replaced as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The poll was conducted Dec. 18-20, surveying 1,995 registered voters.

According to the poll results, only 31% of all voters think Pelosi should be elected as speaker when the new Congress begins, while 56% think she should not.

83% of Republicans are opposed to Pelosi staying as speaker and only 22% of Independents say she should remain in her position, while 59% say she should not.

Despite the majority of voters not supporting Pelosi in the election, her team remains confident that she will maintain her speakership.

“Over half of registered voters — 52 percent — hold unfavorable views of both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” said Kyle Dropp, the co-founder and president at Morning Consult. “Each hopes to remain in charge of their respective chambers next year when leadership elections formally take place, but will have to contend with diminished majorities in the new Congress — at best — following the 2020 election.”