January 24, 2020

New Podcast: Dems ‘are the party of confusion, of spin, of shaping their own narrative’

If there is one thing the Democrats targeting President Donald Trump have proven over and over again is that they project exactly what they’re doing onto their opponent.

There is no one better at this than Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, who has been using the Senate floor as his own personal theatrical stage to push false narratives that depict exactly what he and his colleagues have done since Trump was elected.

Schiff has consistently lied about the facts, leaked information to the media and used his dramatic recitations of what the founders intended over the past week to spread a false narrative. He is lauded by the anti-Trump crowd and called “dazzling” by CNN political analyst Jeffery Toobin. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough referred to his Senate speeches as a “virtuoso performance.”

Why? Because hating and removing Trump from office is more important than actually protecting the Constitution and the Democratic process that allows the people of our nation to make their own choice at the voting polls. Schiff wants to take that away. He, along with those targeting the president, believe they know what’s best for the nation.

But if you look at Neilson ratings it’s easy to see that Schiff is instead, putting America to sleep and most American’s are tuning out of the impeachment fiasco.

Schiff, who is prosecuting the case before the Senate has led his team of Democratic lawmakers into a trap. He has denied the President any¬†semblance of fair judicial process, he has distorted and lied about the facts, and we can’t forget that he personally orchestrated with his committee the original whistleblower complaint that led to the impeachment charade.

On The Sara Carter Show, we examine Schiff’s ‘shifty ways’ and how the Democrats weaponized the impeachment process to the detriment of our nation. Constitutional lawyer Jenna Ellis, who is also Trump’s personal attorney, and Deputy Communications Director for Trump 2020, Erin Perrine, reveal new insight into the White House’s battle against deep state bureaucrats, Democratic impeachment and what to expect in 2020.

“The Democrats of course are the party of confusion, of spin, of shaping their own narrative and trying to just outright lie,” Ellis told me. She noted that the “deep state, these people that continue on through multiple administrations, they may have, and we’ve seen this, have different allegiances and perspectives than serving at the pleasure of the current President and so we saw very clearly through the testimony, once this inquiry actually got so far with this ridiculous circus.” She emphasized that the witnesses testifying against Trump had no direct evidence against the president only “presumptions and speculations and their belief.”

She warned that President Trump was a target from the beginning of his presidency and it is no surprise that Democrats were working secretly to find anything – even using former Obama holdovers to target the administration – in the ‘impeachment sham.’

Democrats “initially were absolutely shocked’ when Trump was elected and “within minutes after he was inaugurated for President, their impeachment campaign began,” she said.

“The Democrats have had a deadline,” she added. “They wanted to impeach before Christmas, so that they could have this trial bleeding into the 2020 election and so I’m convinced personally that no matter what happened on July 25, they were going to find some narrative and some way to say something happened, we’ve gotta find some conduct that we can possibly spin.”

Perrine said American voters across the nation have said Trump is a President that “actually does what he says, unlike previous presidents.” She noted that the president isn’t letting impeachment get in the way of his work for the American people.

“What were promises made by just a candidate are promises kept by President Trump,” Perrine said. “And that is in the face of historic obstruction and abuse of power by Democrats to try and fight him every step of the way. America should be thrilled and so proud of what President Trump has been able to accomplish.”

Some examples, she noted, was President Trump’s recent trip to Davos, for the The World Economic Summit.

“This is the perfect example of the split screen presidency we see with President Trump,” said Perrine. “On one screen, you see President Trump standing up in Davos, talking about economic freedom, talking about economic prosperity and telling these other countries across the world if you want your businesses to succeed, they should be investing in America because there are plenty of opportunities to invest in and you go back and you look at what the Democrats are doing holding this sham impeachment for the President who did absolutely nothing wrong. That’s been the contrast we’ve seen the entire presidency.”

She added that “Democrats are so disconnected from reality and they’re stuck in this D.C. bubble. It’s really laughable that Adam Schiff would say we don’t take this lightly when they do big grand signing ceremonies and Nancy Pelosi’s fist bumping people and they’re giving out commemorative pens. We don’t take this lightly, but we’re making a big show of this.”

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