Documents obtained by congressional investigators suggest possible coordination by Obama White House officials, the CIA and the FBI into the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign. Those senior Obama officials used unsubstantiated evidence to launch allegations in the media that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, according to newly discovered documents and communications obtained by Congress.

The documents also reveal that former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, sent a letter on Aug. 29, 2016, asking former FBI Director James Comey to investigate the allegations, which were presented to him by then CIA Director John Brennan. Brennan had briefed Reid privately days earlier on the counterintelligence investigation and documents suggest Reid was also staying in close touch with Comey over the issues.

The documents, which include text messages from embattled FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page, also reveal that former Obama White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was involved in the initial investigation into Trump’s campaign. Comey, Brennan, and McDonough were the “highest-ranking officials at the FBI, CIA and White House” and were working in concert to ensure an investigation was initiated, congressional members told this reporter.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was deeply troubled by the findings.

“We’ve been asking for documents with little cooperation of the DOJ and FBI — we’re having to find these unredacted documents on our own,” said Meadows, who’s also chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. “It appears there was a coordination between the White House, CIA, and FBI at the onset of this investigation and it’s troubling.”

President Obama Names Denis McDonough To Be White House Chief Of Staff

President Obama Names Denis McDonough To Be White House Chief Of Staff

Meadows said John Moffa, who was part of the counterintelligence division at the FBI, met with Denis McDonough on August 10, (2016), Meadows added. “What we’re finding is the more we dig the more we realize that there appeared to be a willful coordination between multiple groups outside the Department of Justice and FBI. Moffa was also the FBI agent who helped draft Comey’s July 5, 2016 exoneration letter to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Meadows said the documents suggest Reid’s briefing from Brennan “was used in Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo News story.”

Isikoff’s article was also used as evidence for the FBI’s FISA warrant being granted against Carter Page. Page was a short-term volunteer advisor on the Trump campaign, who was spied on by the FBI. Congress and the Department of Justice are investigating the FBI’s conduct in obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant in October 2016 to spy on Page. Page was a central figure in an unverified dossier put together by former British Spy Christopher Steele alleging the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

In April 2017, The New York Times published the first story about Brennan’s counterintelligence briefing to Reid regarding Trump. The briefings to Gang of Eight congressional members suggested Russia might be helping Trump win the election. Brennan alluded to the unverified allegation that members of the Trump campaign may be colluding with the Russians. The information briefed to the lawmakers expanded the number of people who were aware of the unverified allegations, and played a significant role in the increase of leaks to the media, according to the information obtained by the committee.

“A chain of events suggest the FBI encouraged Reid to write this letter to legitimize its surveillance of Carter Page”

A congressional investigator told this reporter that they believe the FBI was involved in the briefing to Reid but are still waiting for confirmation.

In the letter from Reid to Comey, Reid cites information Brennan shared with him that Trump advisor, referencing Carter Page, and other “high ranking sanctioned individuals” in Moscow were meeting. Reid asks Comey to launch an investigation by the FBI into the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)

The letter, which was obtained by this reporter, refers to reports briefed by Brennan but gives “almost no evidence” regarding the Trump campaign and Russia, according to congressional investigators.


For example, the letter only states that “questions have been raised about whether a Trump advisor who has been highly critical of U.S. and European economic sanctions on Russia, and who has conflicts of interests due to his investments in Russian energy conglomerate Gazprom, met with high-ranking sanctioned individuals in Moscow in July of 2016.”

Congressional investigators also note that newly revealed text messages between Strzok and Page also show possible coordination between the FBI, CIA and the Democrats.

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Shortly after Reid’s letter was revealed in a New York Times article on August 30, 2016, Strzok texts Page saying, “here we go.” He included a link to the story in the text message.

Congressional investigators suggest that the pair were creating inferences “that they knew it would create public calls for an investigation into Russian interference.”

Sept. 23, 2016, Isikoff article, which cites Reid’s letter, is also another example of possible coordination, congressional investigators state. The FBI used the Yahoo news article as part of the evidence in their application to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

“This sequence of events strongly suggests the FBI encouraged Reid to write this letter to legitimize its surveillance of Carter Page,” congressional investigators stated.

Congressional Findings:

  • What began as an investigation into allegations of Russian cyber hacking of the DNC was eventually broadened into an investigation of the Trump campaign.
  • By sending high-ranking officials and led to brief members of Congress on the possibility of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the DNC hack, and the possibility Trump campaign associates were in contact with Russia, the FBI was given cover for the investigation they had recently opened on Trump with questionable legal justification.
  • The intelligence community has admitted Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election were only the most “recent expression” of their longstanding desire to undermine US elections.
  • It appears based on the information “insurance policy” in case Trump won, these briefings by the intelligence community to Congress, which led to several members calling for investigations into Russian interference and Trump, were perfectly timed to plant seeds of doubt in the outcome of the 2016 election.
  • By utilizing the FBI’s cyber division to look into the DNC hack, the agents exhibiting improper political biases from the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, were offered cover.

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  1. This information has been out there, the question everyone should ask themselves is this “Will any of these people ever suffer any consequences for their actions?” The answer to that is “NO” same as it was for Hillary Clinton when the leader of the FBI details step by step how she carelessly mishandled highly classified information, which without intent is still a crime, a felony actually, he then went on to explain how the FBI would not be charging her regardless of the overwhelming evidence and amount of damage to National Security. The reason that she wasn’t charged for a crime that every other US citizen would have been charged with is for 1 simple reason folks, the Clintons are members of an elite political class, and we are not.

  2. harry reid is just as bad as the rest of the critters of “The Swamp”, he’s about as useless as a bucket under a Bull.

  3. Sara you’re continually attacking the FBI
    All you’re doing is coming up with food that Hannity can feed the deplorables

  4. I really want to start seeing rope necklaces, I understand why it’s taking so long but it’s killing me as the rest of the public catches up on what we’ve known for months. Probably the messiest ball of twine to unwind is the string of crimes that occurred begining in the wee hours of November 9th after they changed their underwear and began the two pronged coverup and coup. These people are so stupid and deserve the harshest ridicule and most severe punishments for what they did to this country. Fake News personalities too, but they should face a firing squad because of their recent contrived distraction.

  5. I am a crumb eating Walmart shopping deplorable that listens to Hannity like he is gospel. Oh and my President is going to lock your President up and lose the key ?

  6. Yeah yeah Talk Talk Talk when one of these worthless sacks of crap is actually behind bars….I’ll read another story
    I have read all this stuff for YEARS and NO ONE has gone to jail They still get their golden parachutes pensions world class health care when they are damn crooks…….so where’s the real justice ? exactly NO WHERE
    Hide and watch Nothing will happen no one will be prosecuted no one will do time.
    I run a red light I get more time than these worthless fools

  7. These Subversives are a Direct threat to our Republic. Consumed with Greed and Corrupted by Power only Justice can restore the damage done to our National Security.

  8. Sara don’t let anyone tell you you are bad. You and a few have stuck this out to get the truth. I commend you and your efforts to get the truth out to the public. Great work and reporting. You and Hannity are my favorites. I wish they lock them all up

  9. It all makes perfect sense,as they thought Hillary was a shoe in–they got fooled and it has backfired on em.
    I hope every one of these scum go to prison.
    MAGA !!

  10. Try to just visualize Barack Obama being led off in handcuffs to prison. Imagine how satisfying that would be.

  11. Your reports, especially as seen on Hannity, are riveting. Thank you for staying the course in the face of all the pushback and lack of integrity in DC. We need you and those working in concert for the truth. God bless.

  12. It just keeps getting better folks. I know that people out there are just waiting to see one of the many criminals associated with the Obama Administration receive their Indictment, I’m waiting too. I do believe the BIG story is coming sooner than these people would like. His name, Julian Assange. Trump’s Ace in the hole. Strap yourself in good and tight folks. It’s coming to a Media Outlet near you soon!

  13. Harry Reid please tell us who beat the shit out of you before you resigned. Reid a total POS. My guess Las Vegas overlords who he had helped forever (how else did he get so rich ) decided he was a lying turd!

  14. Few people realize that in the absence of Adm. Mike Rogers, Director of the NSA, the democratic coup against Trump would have succeeded. The nation is indebted to his brave intervention. Obviously the coup was significantly hampered by a key dissident sitting in the NSA chair. We missed a close one.

  15. Please look into this… TV Show called “eat our feelings” it is a two girl show… one actress on the show is named EMMA JANE GONZALEZ, she certainly looks like Parklands Emma Gonzalez but with a full head of hair… same wide nose, full lips, underbite, I really think this could be her… please Sarah, please, I know your resources go a long way. Thank you, you are doing great work

  16. John Moriarty, What Sara is doing, used to be called investigative journalism….perhaps your friends in the Demonicratic National Committee’s Compliant Press Corp Office should look it up…I’m sure they can google the term. As for you, apparently you’re too blind, deaf, and DUMB (caps for emphasis) to read the story, and realize you’ve been lied to by your handlers.

  17. How is it that every time I hit the “Read More” button, I never get to the rest of the article? I really want to read the whole thing!

  18. Sara keep up the excellent work you are doing! You inspire me to believe that this country will be great again. President Trump is being intentionally undermined by criminals in high powered positions within our government. Your investigating is one of the most patriotic examples of loyalty to this country that I have ever seen! Thank You!

  19. I am more than anxious to see the members of the Obama administration brought to justice. I sooo want to see both Bill and Hillary brought before a grand jury and indicted.
    When will we see the Inspector General’s report that is supposed to detail the things that were illegal at the justice dept and the FBI?
    We all want to see that swamp drained, and some very important people BETTER be indicted. BTW-good work !

  20. It is deeply disappointing to hear about and read about corruption in the DOJ and the FBI but nothing happens to any body at the top of the food chain. We need an independent special council but get lip service, a feckless IG bureaucrat and Hannity is jumping with joy. I am done with Hannity and his radio talk show until something substantial comes out of this and soon. The statutes of limitations are running out on these guys and gals with elections looming to bury it all under the rug.

  21. You are all delusional…trying to patch together a anti-conspiracy conspiracy…Please explain…just for arguments sake, what you say is true…why are there indictments and guilty pleas? Did Obama, The FBI and DOJ force Trump campaign officials to speak to Russian representatives? Did Obama, The FBI and the DOJ force Trump campaign officials to have meetings at Trump Tower? Did Obama, The FBI and the DOJ mislead the public by writing a letter on Air Force One to paint a different picture of the meeting at Trump Tower to cover up meeting at Trump Tower? Did Obama, The FBI and the DOJ force Flynn to speak to Russians about sanction relief? (There are recordings) Did Obama, the FBI and DOJ force Jared Kushner to lie on his security clearance forms, omitting assets, omitted contacts with Russian ambassador as well as lie about reaching out to create back channel communications on Russian secure sites? Did Obama, the FBI and DOJ have any connection to the association and actions between the Trump campaign and Cambridge Analytica? There is so much more. This does not even touch upon the subject of Trump attempting to use every source at his disposal to obstruct the investigation. It is because of his actions that there is a Special Counsel. These actions are not the actions of innocent people. People must be responsible for their own actions and the consequences. Trump has proclaimed from the beginning that there has been no wrongdoing. If there was no wrong doing on the part of Trump and associates, please explain the lying, misrepresentation and changing of stories by all involved. Please, stop trying to pass this off as some lame conspiracy without substantive evidence. It will not fly. The people involved, again, were not forced to do what they have done. That is all.

  22. Incredible corruption right up to the former president. Nobody cares he weaponized our intelligence agencies against a political opponent, against the American electorate. Where’s the media coverage?

  23. Keep up the great work Sara. We would be in the dark about so much of this if you had not been reporting on it. You, John & Sean are a blessing.

  24. Great cover story Sara and good to see the delusional Hillary fanatics are getting their laundry aired for them. Point three from the Congressional Findings though is a total red herring and it has been clear t many observers for a considerable time that the country that seriously set out to influence the US election in favor of Hillary Clinton was the UK. They wanted a hawk they could trust rather than a wild card as represented by Trump. It was the UK and its espionage network and MI6 aiding Christopher Steele that wrote the dirt dossier lie sheet on Trump.

    That dossier and the Russian fantasy had an almost fatal impact on Trumps campaign and now has almost crippled his first year as President. Thanks to the UK and its conservative leaders Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the USA is being totally derailed and suckered into chasing anti Russian BS. Next week they will invent another chemical warfare genie to spook everyone.

    The Congressional Findings are pitiful, misguided bullets and likely intended to cripple Trumps next twelve months and perhaps his majority. The AG Sessions has delayed for too long, the tides of time have turned and he will need enormous luck, tenacity and single mindedness to pull the fat out of the fire now. Sad and entirely avoidable but for the appointment of a tactician with guts.

  25. Should have known Ole Scary Harry Reids name would come up in all of this !! Looks like he got it all going with his “cover” letter to FBI ! Hes the most corrupt politician Ive seen in my lifetime. Hope he goes to jail for a long time. Im glad his brother beat the sh*t out of him !

  26. I am amazed that either of these two got anything done; they were so busy with their hot dogs.

  27. More than collusion; it is a clear Conspiracy to disrupt and destroy the Trump Administration. Each of the participants is deserving of a trial.

  28. Mac Webb, your deflection is ineffective. It’s OK to talk with Russians, we know that Obama & Hillary did lots of that, and made unethical deals. And of course Biden’s son was placed into key positions to get rich from the Chinese in blatant ethical violations. The uranium one deal is 10 millions times worse than anything you cited. Lynch’s judge recused himself after conviction. The new judge demanded all evidence. Read, think, learn and live.

  29. What in the heck is it going to take for justice to be done in the corrupt city of DC? How long will it take Trump to figure out Sessions is the one twisting the knife in his back. Fire the AG yesterday and get someone who will get something done. The endless investigations are not getting resolution of CONVICTIONS.

  30. I’m just trying to figure out how “Dirty Harry” got the crap beat out of him before he resigned.

  31. It is beyond frustratating to wait for AG to call for a Special Prosecutor. In my view, AG was a plant in the beginning from the establishment. Look at ALL the appointments he has made and the recusal the day after. Rosenstein, Wray, and the GOP are all after Trump. Mitch is the worst! They will intentionally throw the midterms to loose power so none of Trumps agenda is further implemented. None of his confirmations made recently will be going through no matter how qualified. SAD!

  32. It’s so sad that all of this stellar investigative journalism is all for nothing. AG Sessions stubbornly refuses to enforce the law. The IG report, expected out before the end of the century, means nothing. The IG is not a prosecutor. Sessions already stated he would not prosecute Lois Lerner – how much more so FBI/DOJ/WH. Statutes of limitations are expiring left and right. California is in open rebellion against the Union.

    This country is done, without a massive revolution that conservatives are very unlikely to engage in. The powerful are a law unto themselves. In any sane world, George Soros would have been convicted of RICO violations, and his empire dismantled and sold off to his many victims; similarly for the DNC and Clinton Foundation.

  33. Sara Carter your investigations and reporting are outstanding. I personally want to thank you! Please keep up the great work and hopefully one day the ‘true’ criminals will be brought to justice.

  34. What is the point in all of this if no one is going to do anything about any of it. Either everything here is true and should be made public and acted upon or this is all BS to keep us reading. Aka : Fake News

  35. Sara, why do you avoid reporting on the uranium 1 connections between Harry Read and the BUNDY RANCH standoff???Also connected to the Malhuer National Forest standoff and the FBI murdering Lavoy Finicum?? All charges against the defendents have been dismissed, WHERE ARE YOUR REPORTS ON THESE CRIMES??

  36. Thank you, Sara. You are awesome and I believe that without you we might never know what really happened. Please don;t give up!

  37. sarah, concentrate on the trump collusion with russia. They are an enemy as is the dumb trump


    Illegal Spying started November 2015 …….. ( THE FISA WAS OCTOBER 2016)
    April 2016 NSA Rodgers is alerted his 702 data base was misused. He halts “About Queries” and orders a review.
    This review eventually ends up at the FISC court . where it finds FBI/DOJ and contractors avoided minimization procedures & violated American citizens 4th amendment rights . The FBI/DOJ & there contractors also shared this 702 Classified info with UNAUTHORIZED 3rd parties. (99 page FISC court ruling October 26 2016)

    Folks this is WHY a Foreign Spy warrant was needed , The SWAMP was caught by Non-Swamp misusing our Justice and Intel agency’s to SPY on a political opponent .. FISA was there only possibly way to defend the FISC court findings showing 11 months OF WARRANT-LESS spying .( Nov 2015 until the Page Warrant October 21st 2016) THIS IS ALSOTHE REASON and the topic of Lynch / Clinton Tar-Mac meeting . How once Hillary wins do they defend themselves from FISC / NSA / IG investigations which are going to be a big issue for them..

    SARA you are GOOD , but you continue to AVOID talking about the original crime. Stop providing cover FOR REPUBLICANS.. Because it is the republicans who first Hired Fusion GPS and PLACED Carter Page , George Papadoplous and Paul Manafort onto Trumps team . They did all of that From April to May 2016….. Page / P-dop got placed on as UNPAID advisers the INSTANT Rodgers Shut down “About Queries” ……………………………………………. No Coincidence at all…..

    So much has happened and so much is exposed that very very few people can wrap there heads around the entire time line.. I am in some wars like “Rain Man” . And have spent a few thousand hours putting this puzzle together.


  40. Smears and innuendo to attack political enemies. Surveillance and open ended investigations looking for any possible criminality, without probable cause, and any material that could be embarrassing if not illegal so as to gain blackmail and further smear material. This is incompatible with a Constitutional Republic and rule of law. In spirit, and actual tactics, this is more like the Brezhnev era Soviet Union –when they stopped blatantly shooting their opponents, and instead relied more on the “soft power” of the State to crush political dissent through this type of operation.

    We emboldened our domestic enemies of our Republic when Lerner and Koskinen were not prosecuted for targeting and intimidating conservatives, which led directly to where we are now.

    If we don’t stop this now, and really start sending these truly treasonous people to jail, we are done as a lawful Republic. The challenge is that the conspiracy ran so wide and deep that it’s almost “too big to fail” i.e. we probably need to indict scores of people, and present and past political leaders at the highest level, including at a minimum: Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Yates and all the “unmaskers” like Powers.

    AND those who tanked the investigation of the charity/election fraud conspiracy known as “The Clinton Foundation” need to go to jail (many of the above also involved, and Loretta Lynch as well for obstruction).

    AND Mueller, Rosenstein & Co need to be, at least, fired and disbarred as attorneys (and possibly prosecuted) for continuing a malicious prosecution well past the point that “any reasonable prosecutor” should know they are pursuing baseless charges and now operating as Investigators Without Limit of a sitting President, utterly without legal authority and contrary to the basic tenets of the Constitution.

    If we don’t vindicate the rule of law at this point, I think we may really done as a lawful Republic.

  41. Trumps “collusion” with the Russians boils down to this…Trump has ousted 70 Russian diplomats from this country…SC Robert Mueller has indicted 17 Russians who have never set foot in this country…Ahhh Yes…Mueller’s is really on to some thing…but for what?

  42. I believe that they will face justice, meaning Obama Clinton’s, and all the rest of the Liberal anti American pigs that came close to destroying the Country from the inside. I believe because we have DJT. He will not simply let them go away, not because of what they did to him, but because what they did to OUR COUNTRY!

  43. Don’t forget that President Obama was part of a “Radical Islam Israeli Drug Cartel, because he had a chance to stop those billions of dollars of drugs from coming into America by sending those Israeli radical Islam dealers to jail he stopped it to save his Iran Arms Deal!!! He was letting those drugs kill members of his own black community to save the Iran Deal and save his legacy as President!! He should go to jail for that too!!!….

  44. Your amazing, and I stop all things to hear your news. Thanks for being a keeper! When you are ready for a fun canoe float down the river, let me know! 😉

  45. Great work, Sara. You are one of the few investigative journalists left in this nation who does not allow partisanship to hide the news. The weaponization of the intelligence apparatus as a political death squad is an epic scandal in the banana republican transformation of America. Where are the Woodward/Bernstein’s, the Murrows, the Tarbells, Sinclairs, etc etc? These people need to be brought to light – if not for Rodgers, Horowitz, and a few intrepid reporters like you, the “liberal elite media” would completely bury this urgently important story,

  46. Keep digging. Keep publishing. Keep the deep state on the defense. Need more solid evidence that the public can not ignore.

  47. I would like to suggest that Sara also look into Crowdstrike, the company that said Russia hacked the DNC server. I have seen credible reports that Crowdstrike falsely claimed Russia hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app. The Ukrainian officials in charge said that it never happened and that Crowdstrike never contacted them about a possible hack. They also said that they took the information and skewed it to come to that conclusion. It looks like they were also part of the government set up to try to question President Trump’s legitimate win. One of the founders of Crowdstrike, Dimitri Alperovitch is Ukrainian and he hates Russia. He is a member of the Atlantic Council, a think tank with openly anti Russian sentiments. The Atlantic Council is funded by Ukrainian billionaire,Pinchuk. Pinchuk donated $5 million to the Clinton foundation. Also Sara Carter should ask Dick Morris what he knows about Mueller, Rosenstein and Weissmann and their investigation of the Russian operatives involved in trying to secure the Uranium One deal. It is reported that the three of them delayed arresting and charging any Russians because they didn’t want it to be a news story since Hillary signed off on it. That would suggest that they delayed doing their job for political reasons and that they have a vested interest in deflecting any Russian interference onto Trump. They all should be investigated.

  48. We all know that as long as the Establishment is still in control, none of the big perps will ever see justice. However Sara’s documenting their crimes in real time will help convict them many years from now.

    It is well established that the ultra corrupt government has sought to undermine Trump and push Hillary. The battle lines have been drawn and there is no one left of the fence. Those who love Hillary, Obama and Marxism will never admit any wrong doing, while the rest of us have more than enough FACTS that prove their guilt.

    What I would love more of is doing exactly what the libtard Marxists are doing….but to them. Dig up all of their past and report it just like exposing the ultra corrupt Mueller’s past. (here in New England we all knew about the Whitey Bulger case and also doing his damndest to keep 4 innocent men in prison.) Reid, Brennan, the idiot Clapper, McCabe are all dirty beyond belief. Just expose their past and the libtards won’t be able to endlessly defend them. Just like the way Trump destroyed Liz Warren lying about being an Indian….Libtards say Liz Warren for president, we say Pocahontas and they just shut up. They say Mueller, we say Whitey Bulger.

  49. This article is all the points that are likely being made, and backed up with evidence, in the Grand Jury proceedings we’re being led to believe are recently or currently going on. I’m extremely curious when the results, arrests, etc. will be made public. All Americans are deeply affected by these crimes.

  50. Your article is right on point! Too bad swamp wading takes so long. All the people involved should be put in front of a firing squad, if nothing else for wasting and padding their pockets with hard working Americans $$$!! But, nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing Obama in the very front of the squad!! He was the WORST thing to ever happen to our USA!! So hard to believe he had such a following!? Makes one wonder how gullible people are!! Continue the good work and God bless you!!

  51. Could Rosenstein be holding charges over Sessions to keep him from appointing a second special counsel? The correlation between these recent news stories about him and his inability to do what needs to be done just stinks to me. Sessions is either being blackmailed or he’s the most incompetent AG in our nation’s history.

  52. Good work Sara. We will now see if our AG and investigators will follow up on all of these “threads” of lies and lawlessness in our government agencies and officials and prosecute them!! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!! And if they don’t get sent to prison then we have no law and live in lawlessness. Heads MUST roll on these infractions.

  53. Sara you rock!! Does Carter Page have any legal standing to sue regarding his illegal surveillance? That would get some testimony on record! Keep up the good fight!!!

  54. There was a hearing with James Comey on July 8th, 2017. Unfortunatly, it seems almost EVERYONE either never watched it, or relied on phony/incomplete reports of what was said in that hearing. There were dozens of gotcha’s the should have ended the Mueller farce.

    For example, in answering a question about McCain handing him the dossier, James Comey indicated that the FBI had a copy of the Steele dossier in JUNE of 2016! People need to think about what even that one tiny detail means to what we are watching unfold. Like how was it that 2 months later, in Aug, Brennen is running around like he just found this ‘new’ info?

  55. Sarah is the best. Please keep up the great reporting. We have lost faith in our “justice” system. Clintons, Holder, Obama have all gotten away with so much and no one is going to prison. Crime pays.

  56. Sara
    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all your hard work in reporting on all these very important news stories. You have done some amazing reporting and have brought to light the corruption that has been happening in the Obama administration. This has me and my family totally shocked to our core! If your reporting hasn’t opened every Americans eyes by now, nothing will and that is truly scary.
    I’ve known from the very beginning that what was going on just didn’t feel right, and now we have the evidence it wasn’t. We can only pray that justice is served to all those who were involved in these criminal activities, if not then we truly do have 2 justice system, one for us average joes and those who are wealthy and connected.
    Please don’t stop.

  57. Ms.Sara Carter you are an outstanding professional News Reporter and a true Patriot.
    I strongly hope that all parties involved, regardless of their political and social standings are swiftly brought to Justice. For their Illegal and down right Treasonous acts against a Duly elected President.
    Sara your the BEST!

  58. nothing will be done. Sessions has not only recused himself but proved to be a wet puppy. the person in charge at the DOJ is Rossentien, who was up to his eyeballs covering for Hillary

  59. The swamp is very deep and murky, so if anything comes of this it will truly be miraculous…too many players involved on both side of the deep state.

  60. I would like to personally welcome Harry Reid to the party.
    Also joining us is Denis McDonough, you sir are most welcome.
    Don’t worry we have plenty of room.
    We have been working on new quarters.
    Sara, you will be remembered for your work, Godspeed.

  61. What is it going to take for our absolutely worthless justice department to get something done? All of this dirt flying around and yet there is not prosecution going on. It’s all a B.S. circus. So much corruption is unbelievable and so sad that it goes on and on unchecked. The Clintons and other corrupt officials in the government agencies are giving Trump and the American citizens the finger. So much treason and Jeff Sessions is worried about chasing somebody smoking POT. What a disgrace. Trump and the Republicans sure has dropped the ball on this…..not surprising though….always more talk than action.

  62. Lets make sure we stress the elite group within FBI and DOJ are behind this coup. The rank and file hate them as much as we do.

  63. When will we ever see a list of the members of the House of Representatives and Senate who have received money from Registered Russian Lobbyists? These elected officials take $15 million from Registered Russian Lobbyists and want us to believe Russian hacking of computers is the larger problem? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. You can bet the farm that the US is hacking Russian computers, too.

  64. Thank you Sarah for doing what journalists are supposed to be doing. That is protecting the public, and especially from government, by seeking truthful information and having the courage to tell us. Nothing short of the constitution is at stake. We are truly indebted to you.

    Robert Borden

  65. HARRY REID’S LETTER TO JAMES COMEY – ” states that “questions have been raised about whether a Trump advisor who has been highly critical of U.S. and European economic sanctions on Russia, and who has conflicts of interests due to his investments in Russian energy conglomerate Gazprom, met with high-ranking sanctioned individuals in Moscow in July of 2016.”

    Don’t think you should be calling Mueller “a Trump Advisor”.
    Mueller has been an investor in Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund, LLC for many years, according to his financial disclosures. According to 2017 SEC Filings, one of the funds held by the Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund is the OCCO Eastern European Fund, run by Charlemagne Capital. “the fund is betting against Russia’s state-owned natural gas company, Gazprom, while going long Gazprom’s main competitor Novatek, which is the largest non-state owned natural gas company in Russia.”

    On Apr. 27, 2009, Mueller actually delivered uranium samples to the Russians on instructions from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  66. Why do they keep mentioning the DNC Hack When most of the Democrats were using Pakistani Computer Service a Greedy Family that had stolen their Equipment had all their Passwords knew everything they were doing or saying. I am Positive they had it all up for Sale but when exposed the whole Treasonous act was dropped like a Hot Rock. This family did not Hack DNP & DNC information it was Given to them Gift Wrapped Passwords included by the DNC…!!!

  67. Dear Sara,

    Thank you for staying on top of this. I love watching you and Greg Jarrett on TV. Keep up the good work! People are starting to wake up and we need to continue to educate and inform the American people with facts so if I can make a suggestion on Mr. Hannitys show to put some kind of a flowchart/cheat sheet summary on how this whole thing started and put the real, concrete facts next to it so we can separate fact from fiction. Based on the link below and your recent reporting it looks like the real collusion is between Obama Admin and the Intel Agencies along with the State Dept. So let’s illistrate that so it makes sense to ordinary ill informed American citizens. Look at this link it’s a great summary of what you talked about

    Last point, DNC hack and how they are trying to pin this against Trump as part of Russia collusion – this needs to go back to Seth Rich murder and the thumb drive he had that contains all downloaded DNC emails and his Dropbox account where he transferred all these info for Assange and got paid for it. Crowdstrike is also and should be an integral part of this investigation. This is how the American people will see the Real collusion and all roads lead to Clinton. What the Agenices are trying to do now is to try and cover up all illegal activities they did and they are using the Dossier and Trump as an excuse to justify their actions. It makes me sick to my stomach to see these things unfold right before our very eyes. Regardless of your political affiliation this should scare everyone. We are doing what Third world countries are doing!

    Bottom line is they want to undermine and delegitimize this presidency . If Hillary would have won none of these issues will come up and it will be business as usual for the Elites andth so called Deep State.

    Thanks and have a great day

  68. Sara I have a question. When Atty General Sessions recused himself he indicated that he conferred with career officials at the highest level of the DOJ and FBI. Can you find out the names of those individuals? Was it some of those that are now under scrutiny? Did they convince him to recuse so they could take control away from him? Could it be the following Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Rosenstein

  69. Everyone worries about the MSM picking up on these stories. Who cares since the MSM would probably confuse the issues and obfuscate most of the clear findings of actual journalists. Best they keep out of the initial investigations and when the completed information is dumped on their heads they can try to scramble to explain their stupidity and enabling of this FBI,CIA and W.H. attack on a Presidential candidate and POTUS.

    This entire FAKE investigation and all the Kings men will come crashing down on the MSM and might cause a massive reform and whose firing of many of the ideologues running the media beast. We can only hope. In the mean time don’t even watch these dishonest creeps lest you be suckered in and distracted by their tactics.

  70. have you look at the Constitution on what is “treason”? “in adhering to their enemies” Collusion with the Russia to destroy our Nation? First is Russia our Enemy or are they our Allies? Are we at War with Russia?

    Are the Senators trying to impeach the President from Office or another body of Men in the form of a Grand Jury try to prosecute the President? Why do we not look at the Constitution? The Federal Courts are out of the Bounds of the Constitution.

    “The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.”

    Can you tell me who holds the Judicial Power of the United States? Congress and the Supreme Court and Congress Courts.

    I will make it easy, WE are not at War with Russia so How can we Commenced or Prosecuted against One of the United States , the President of the United States? Boy the left likes to play with the Constitution but we cannot see this?

  71. Sara, question on Impeachment? Once the Senate impeachment does it start the process of Impeachment? Here is the problem, we the People of the United States started the Process given the Power of Impeachment by this rule in the Constitution. And Impeachment is only the removal of the Person in Office, then you have the 11th Amendment. Congress can not decide not to Remove from Office we just gave the Rule of what Impeachment is “removal from Office”.

    We just Establish due process of Law by passing this Constitution, by the State, on what the impeachment process is. This is the Power we used to remove the Men in Governments of the States who started the Civil War.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    So do we understand what “our Liberty in Law” is referring to?

  72. Sara on this impeachment with President Andrew Johnson, the Senate did not impeach him. Boy this is misleading. The Senate is the sole group of People, the Grand Jury. that the People set up for this. Just because the House pass to impeach the President does not mean he was impeach.

    6: The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.
    7: Judgment in Cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

    We do not follow the due process of Law with this Constitution?

    So the Senate did not Impeach Clinton, so Clinton was not IMPEACH. No President has been IMPEACH. Why do we tell people that Clinton was impeach? the House does not have the Power to impeach, they can ask for Impeachment but it is not impeachment. Do we follow the definition on Impeachment in the Constitution or not?

  73. The frustration of many of your commentators is understandable and indeed palpable; Justice must not only be applied to criminals but also be seen to be applied. The problem here though is that the system became so inherently corrupt that there are insufficent human resources available at this time to prop maintain a semblance of normality if all the “guilty” parties were to be removed in one fell swoop. So whilst I share the opinion of many that the criminal abuses of power and position perpetrated on the american people by so many institutional players which, in no small part due to your excellent journalism, is becoming unavoidably and painfully obvious, it is incumbent upon us to remain patient and to draw hope from the fact that we are even discussing these matters at all. As many have pointed out, if anyone else other than Trump had won the election we might never even have known that which we already know. The US cannot dissolve into chaos so there must be an orderly transition of power. Of course the Clintons will be punished in due course and preferably before Mr Clinton actually dies. Similarly the crimes of many other players will be exposed and adjudicated appropriately. In the meantime it behoves the peoples of the US, and indeed the rest of the world, to think about our own culpability in allowing this incredibly sad situation to arise in the first place.

  74. Why can know one get this right? The cover-up is happening in front of us, the crime is yet to be revealed. Why would we give money to those trying to kill us? Why would we make possible for those same “enemies ” to get a hold of the deadliest materials on earth to kill us with? Did Hillary and Obama get kicked back billions for the deals? What deals you ask? Iran, uranium one, of course.

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