NEVADA LAWSUIT: Ric Grenell, ‘The Harry Reid machine recklessly threw ballots into the mail ‘

President Donald Trump’s team is filing a lawsuit in Nevada, alleging voting irregularities, as the team made up of top supporters revealed people who say they have been disenfranchised in the election. One elderly resident said that the mail-in-ballot she didn’t request was filled out by someone else who stole her vote and a Republican poll watcher complained that he was not allowed to observe the ballot counting.

These Nevada residents are several of many people who believe there may have been potential fraud in the election. The campaign lawyers, along with former Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, ex-Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, and Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald.

“Harry Reid’s machine is recklessly throwing out ballots and we are not allowed to check those ballots,”

Richard Grenell

Grenell and Schlapp listed off the numerous complaints including issues with deceased residents voting in the state, elderly residents who say their mail-in-ballots may have been potentially filled out by someone else and other voting issues that need to be addressed by the court.

Grenell said there is “evidence that you all in the media should be also looking at. It’s publicly available information that non-residents have voted. There is a 30-day residency requirement [in Nevada].”

Clark County, Nevada is the biggest concern because they believe it continues to count illegal votes. For example, Grenell explained, there is serious questions regarding votes by citizens who have lived less than 30 days in the state, in violation of the law. Moreover, they believe at least 10,000 deceased people may have had their names used to cast ballots in Clark County.

These are serious concerns, say Trump’s lawyers, because if the votes that separate President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are a small margin and there is possible fraud it could throw the election either way.

“Harry Reid’s machine is recklessly throwing out ballots and we are not allowed to check those ballots,” questioned Grenell, before the press. ” Clark county officials are silent and they continue to count these illegal votes…It’s unacceptable in this country.”

Schlapp, who spoke to me earlier in the morning, said the situation in Nevada appears to be ripe with serious questions of potential fraud and it must be investigated.

“The presidency literally hangs in the balance,” Schlapp said during Thursday’s press conference. Schlapp said both sides should be allowed to observe the process, adding the concern also resides with the lack of transparency in the ballot counting.

He said what’s going on in Nevada and across this country exposes are questioning the sanctity of the election and is raising serious concerns among American voters that the mail-in-ballots could possibly taken advantage of by nefarious people.

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