Nearly half the country disapproves of Biden

President Biden is facing a 49.4% disapproval rating. Meanwhile, only 45% approve of him. Real Clear Politics published a poll Wednesday representing the average of eight total nationwide polls. All polls were conducted in the last two weeks.

First, a little over a week ago the Morning Consult published a poll that was just as scathing. Nearly six in 10 voters surveyed in a poll by say the country has “seriously gone off on the wrong track.”

Biden tried to shift focus Thursday, quote tweeting a poll from Navigator Research instead. Reportedly 70% of the country supports his Build Back Better Agenda and believes it should be passed urgently. “I urge Congress to send the bills to my desk immediately,” Biden tweeted. “Let’s get this done for the American people.”

But even the lowest poll, from Emerson, reported that at least 47% of Americans still disapprove of the president. The highest poll came from Rasmussen Polls, with a 52% disapproval rating.

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