The jury in the case of accused Special Warfare Chief Edward Gallagher found the decorated Navy SEAL not guilty on Tuesday of murder and attempted murder.

The jury reached the verdict after the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments Monday, according to The Washington Examiner. During the trial, it was noted that seven members of Gallagher’s own platoon leveled the accusations against him. They described him as a murderer, who didn’t care about civilian casualties.

However, the case turned when a key prosecution witness testified that in fact, it was he that caused the prisoner’s death.

Special Operator First Class Corey Scott, a SEAL medic, said that he saw Gallagher, 40, pull out his knife and stab the prisoner under his collar bone at least once. During the cross-examination, however, he told defense attorneys that he never saw any blood after the stabbing he accused Gallagher of committing.  Scott then admitted to causing the prisoner’s death. He said he held his thumb over his trachea tube until the ISIS fighter suffocated.

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