Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell’s homes vandalized, ‘pig head’ left on Pelosi’s sidewalk

Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s homes were reported vandalized just days after the controversial passage of the stimulus bill. The bill, which was criticized by President Donald Trump and numerous activists contained, among other provisions, $600 stimulus checks for American families. Trump, along with others opposed to the bill, suggested the stimulus checks are not enough and is fighting for a $2,000 stimulus checks.

McConnell, a Republican of Kentucky, said the actions taken against his home were nothing more than a “radical tantrum” from a “toxic playbook.” McConnell’s home was tagged overnight with red and white spray paint, said the local Louisville station WDRB-TV.

Photos show someone spray painted “Weres my money” on McConnell’s front door.

Pelosi also found her home the vandalized by persons angry at the passage of the stimulus bill. At 2 a.m. on Friday, San Francisco police officers responded to her Pacific Heights neighborhood. They found graffiti was found spray-painted on Pelosi’s garage door. There was “a pig’s head” on the sidewalk, a Police Department spokesman told The San Francisco Chronicle.

Pelosi critic and host of the Fox TV show Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark Levin Tweeted shortly after the news broke “should we still defund the police, Nancy?” He was referencing Pelosi’s calls earlier this year to defund police departments.

I’m guessing Pelosi is no longer wanting to defund police at this point. She’s like all limousine liberals and in demanding that the police find out who targeted her home.

It’s obvious hypocrisy and Levin is right in calling her out on it.

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