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MUST WATCH: IDF releases footage of Hamas underground tunnels



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The New York Times verified that both videos shared by the Israel Defense Forces were recorded at al-Shifa Hospital, which Israeli forces stormed last week. The videos give an exclusive look into the tunnels that run under the al-Shifa Hospital complex.

The al-Shifa Hospital has become widely discussed in the media globally, due to information revealing Hamas was hiding weapons, terrorists and hostages within the hospital and its corresponding tunnels underneath. In short, the Hamas terror group was using innocent and sick civilians as shelter.

Two separate videos, one apparently recorded by a drone and the other by an animal or a robot, show a damaged spiral staircase leading down to a 55-meter section of fortified tunnel. The IDF says the tunnel runs ten meters beneath al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City — the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip. The 55-meter section of the tunnel ends at a blast-proof door complete with a firing hole, apparently built by Hamas to shoot through in the case of an Israeli incursion.

Israeli soldiers have not yet penetrated the door at the end of the filmed section of tunnel due to possible booby traps, the Israel Security Agency said in a statement Sunday evening. “This type of door is used by the Hamas terrorist organization to block Israeli forces from entering the command centers and the underground assets belonging to Hamas.”

Israel’s military also released CCTV footage on Sunday which appears to show Hamas bringing hostages to al-Shifa. One of the hostages is seen being marched through the hospital, with his arms held behind his back as he is pushed forward by a Hamas militant. Another is seen bleeding on a gurney.

National Review reports on the significance of the hospital:

The U.N. and various humanitarian groups have chastised Israel for carrying out raids on hospitals in Gaza, insisting that they are humanitarian sites that should not be subject to military action. Israel has responded by producing significant video evidence that the terror organization was stashing weapons and military communications equipment inside several Gaza hospitals.

The IDF released video last week showing AK-47 rifles, grenades, and other explosives that were being stored in the basement of al-Shifa hospital. The video also showed that all of the hospital’s security cameras had been covered, presumably to prevent the recording of terrorist activities.


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Israeli Military says Hamas violated ceasefire agreement by firing at IDF troops



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According to Israel’s military, the Hamas terrorist organization violated the ceasefire agreement. Taking to social media Tuesday, Israel released a statement which announced three explosive devices detonated near IDF positions in two different locations in northern Gaza, where the heaviest fighting has taken place, the IDF said, as reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“In one of the locations, terrorists also opened fire at the troops, who responded with fire. A number of soldiers were lightly injured during the incidents. IDF troops were located in positions as per the framework of the operational pause,” the statement continued.

 Israel and Hamas agreed to pause fighting for two more days beyond the initial ceasefire arrangement on Monday as Qatar was mediating for further hostage releases in exchange for Palestinians detained in Israel and humanitarian aid deliveries.

However, it was in the last hour of the agreement that Hamas terrorists fired at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops abiding by the operational lines set by the ceasefire arrangement, the IDF claimed.

Hamas accused the IDF of firing the first shots to break the pause in fighting, the Times of Israel reported.

A spokesperson for Hamas’ military wing said fighters were responding to a “clear violation” of the ceasefire in northern Gaza but provided no further details, the Times reported.

Hamas is “committed to the truce as long as the enemy adheres to it, and we call on the mediators to pressure the occupation to adhere to all the terms of the truce on the ground and in the air,” the group said, according to the Times.



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