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Musk Trolls ‘Leaking’ Justice Department, Media for not releasing Epstein’s Little Black Book



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Elon Musk is not letting the world forget how backwards American media is. He also called out the Justice Department, which he deemed as “leaking.” Musk publicly questioned on Twitter why the DOJ has not yet released the ‘little black book’ of billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The DOJ “came under scrutiny after it was revealed it conducted several leaks and borderline aggressive investigations on reporters and adversaries of then-President Trump” reports Daily Mail. 

“During her trial last year, Ghislaine Maxwell turned down a deal offered by the prosecution that would have lessened her sentence in exchange for the names of those in Epstein’s sex trafficking network.”

In order to highlight the ridiculous scenario that the media has not pressed the Justice Department to leak information on Epstein, Musk used a comical meme with the phrase “things I’ll never see in my life.” The meme including photos of a dragon, a dinosaur, a unicorn and the words ‘The Epstein/Maxwell client list.’

Daily Mail adds “Maxwell maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings but was convicted in December. A bid to appeal the conviction was dismissed in May” and that Epstein’s ‘black book,’ was first “published by the defunct news site Gawker in 2015” and “included the names of several powerful and influential people, and a brief description of their relationship with the pedophile.”

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Disney Executive Caught on Tape: ‘There’s No Way We’re Hiring a White Man’



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Twentieth Century Television Senior Vice President Michael Giordano was caught on a hidden video saying that Disney explicitly does not hire “white men” for specific roles.

Michael Giordano’s comments are only a few minutes in the video, with some intermittent reactions; however, Giordano says some damaging things about Disney’s hiring practices and inclusion policies.

Certainly, there have been times where, you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a white man for this…. There are times when it’s spoken. 

Reporter: How would they say it?

There’s no way we’re hiring a white man for this role. They’d be very careful how they’d message that to agents. 

Giordano says that Disney CEO Bob Iger “100 percent” has a say in ensuring diversity in casting on Disney’s shows and movies. While it is not a directive from Bob Iger, he says there should be “a certain amount of diversity” in each show.

The reporter asked if this initiative came from Latondra Newton, Disney’s former Chief Diversity Officer, who is African American and left her job last year. However, Senior VP Michael Giordano said that other people in human resources are also focused on diversity in the company.

Giordano went on to say that while only 10-15 percent of the population is gay, he estimates that a third or more of Disney’s writers are gay, and they “lean into gay and transgender stories.”

He went on to say that when it comes to Disney’s hiring practices, there are “certain people that they won’t see.” He said:

When it comes to diversity, there is a belief that it’s just good for society. But there’s also a belief that it’s going to make more money if we appeal to a wider variety of people and it’s a good thing.

We have shareholders too. There are conservative people who don’t lean into it, but you can make the argument that we make more money if we appeal to a wider variety of people. 


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