The top attorney in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s office was reported to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General by a lawyer representing whistleblowers for alleged “corrupt legal practices” more than a year before the 2016 presidential election and a decade before to the Senate Judiciary Committee, this reporter has learned.

Described by the New York Times as Mueller’s ‘pitbull,‘ Andrew Weissmann, a former Eastern District of New York Assistant U.S. Attorney, rose through the ranks to eventually become Mueller’s general counsel at the F.B.I.

In 2015 Weissmann was selected to run the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section and was later handpicked by Mueller to join the ongoing Special Counsel’s Office investigation into the alleged obstruction and alleged collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

But Weissmann’s rise to the top was rocky from the start. Although he’s been described as a tough prosecutor by some, his involvement in a case targeting the Colombo crime family in a New York Eastern District Court was the first of many that would draw criticism from his peers, as well as judges.

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Civil rights and criminal defense attorney David Schoen, was the lawyer who reported Weissmann. Schoen met with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and several FBI officials to discuss Weismann in 2015. Schoen, who says he has never been a member of a political party, told this reporter his concerns about Weissmann do not stem from politics but from Weissmann’s ‘egregious’ actions in previous cases. He became involved in Colombo crime cases more than 20 years ago after evidence revealed that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence in the case.

Schoen said he decided to revisit the case based on new witness information and “recent evidence that has come to light in the last several months.”

“The issue with Weissmann both pre-dates and transcends any of these current political issues,” said Schoen, who also used to represent the ACLU in Alabama. “I have met with Senator (Charles) Grassley’s staff and the DOJ IG about these issues and that was well before all of this…I care about these issues as a person who chose this profession and am otherwise very proud to be able to practice law, as the proud son of an FBI agent, and as a civil rights attorney dedicated to doing my part in trying to improve public institutions.”

John Lavinsky, a spokesman for the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General, declined to comment on Schoen’s meeting with Horowitz.

Weissmann also declined to comment for this story.

The FBI and The “Grim Reaper” 

The case against the Colombo crime family in the late 1990s involved Theodore Persico, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, loan sharking, racketeering and firearms charges. Persico was the brother of Colombo boss Carmine Persico, Jr, and the network was one of five major Italian mafia organizations operating out of New York.

Weissmann, who was a young Assistant U.S. Attorney with the Eastern District of New York, was the lead attorney in the case against Persico and described by those who knew him as ambitious.

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The case against Persico wasn’t a slam dunk and would reveal how Weissmann, “would do anything for a conviction,” Schoen said.

Reprehensible and subject, perhaps, to appropriate disciplinary measuresJudge Sifton

A court memorandum and order, which has never been made public before it was obtained by this reporter, reveals that Chief Judge Charles P. Sifton, who presided over the case, reprimanded Weissmann for failing to disclose that Gregory Scarpa, Sr., a witness on behalf of the prosecution, was also working for years as an FBI informant. Scarpa’s moniker in the mafia underworld was ‘grim reaper’ and ‘Hannibal.’ He was accused of being connected to more than 100 gruesome murders related to his work for the Persico faction of the Colombo mafia crime familyreports stated.

Sifton denied the defendants’ the extraordinary relief of dismissing the case, but he singled out Weissmann for withholding information. The judge described then AUSA Weissmann’s conduct as the “myopic withholding of information” and “reprehensible and subject, perhaps, to appropriate disciplinary measures,” according to the opinion obtained by this reporter.

Evidence suggested that Scarpa was involved in a personal relationship with his FBI handler, Lindley DeVecchio. DeVeccio, who was also a witness in a case connected to the Persico case.

Andrew Weissmann

Weissmann had DeVecchio testify against Michael Sessa, a captain in the Colombo family, despite knowing DeVecchio was under investigation by the FBI for his relationship with Scarpa. Weissmann and his team failed to disclose that to the courts and presented him as a solid witness in the case, according to Schoen and court documents.

There was also evidence that Scarpa received confidential information from DeVecchio that may have helped Scarpa “wage war” against another mafia faction, according to the 1998 appeal’s court documents. DeVecchio was eventually forced to retire from the FBI and was subsequently indicted for allegedly being involved in the four murders committed by Scarpa.


Those charges against DeVecchio were later dropped in 2007 due to lack of evidence, but the judge in DeVecchio’s case warned ‘the FBI was willing to make their own deal with the devil.” The judge was referring to the FBI’s use of Scarpa as an informant, according to reports. Scarpa was later convicted of the murders and died in a New York prison, as reported.

Persico and his co-defendants appealed their case in 1997, arguing that there was egregious Brady violations by Weissmann and the prosecution during their trial. “Brady” refers to the U.S. Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, in which the court held prosecutors are required to give the defendants evidence favorable to the defense.

Memorandum and Order Reversed

Sifton’s suggestion that Weissmann is brought before a disciplinary board never came to fruition.

Powerful allies came to his defense. In fact, then U.S. Attorney Eastern District of New York Zachary Carter fought to remove Weissmann’s name from the memorandum and order. Carter wrote a letter to Judge Sifton on Feb. 21, 1997, “to request that you amend your memorandum and order dated Feb.18, 1997 in the above-captioned case to delete the name of AUSA Andrew Weissmann from the sentence which it appears on page 46 of the opinion.”

Carter went on to say, “while the court has determined that the failure to make the disclosure was an error, the nondisclosure cannot fairly be characterized as the kind of egregious misconduct that warrants castigating an attorney by name in a published judicial opinion.”

In the end, Carter succeeded in getting Weissmann’s name removed from the memorandum and order, according to a second memorandum and order issued by Sifton’s obtained by this reporter.

“Sifton complies and withdraws the order that singles out Weissmann and issues a replacement order that does not mention Weissman’s name,” said Schoen. “I have never ever seen such a thing.”

Schoen said the failure to hold Weissmann accountable for his actions in the Persico case “began the process, it seems, of leading Weissmann to believe that he has a license to act without regard to the bounds of the rules of ethics or pursuant to the prosecutor’s oath to seek justice.”

An appeals court’s ruling in the Persico trial reflects the significance of the breach made by Weissmann and the other prosecutors in the case. Persico and his four co-defendants asked for a new trial, and while Persico’s was denied, his co-defendants were granted the right to a new trial, according to court records.

Sifton stated in his ruling, after reviewing the evidence “released by the government, my confidence in the verdict of guilty on these counts is substantially undermined, and a new trial is ordered as to these defendants.”

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the Special Counsel’s Office, noted that the “2nd Circuit and the appeals court concluded that the impeachment evidence withheld by the government does not meet the Brady standard of ‘materiality.'”

Sidney Powell, an appeals lawyer in Dallas, who successfully challenged Weissmann’s task force in the Justice Department during the Enron case disagreed stating, “the appellate court, loathe to reverse a criminal conviction for misconduct of the prosecutor, substituted itself for the jury and rationalized that the defense really couldn’t have done much with the withheld information.”

Powell is describing the appeals court decision, which stated, “evidence that Scarpa lied to the FBI about murders he committed provides little direct support for the conclusion that he also lied to his own co-conspirators about who was responsible for the murders…”

Schoen also disagrees with Carr’s explanation from the Special Counsel’s Office, saying it is disingenuous: “Anyone from DOJ in any way familiar with this series of cases knows that every single defendant from that point forward– and there were many– was acquitted when the evidence Weissmann withheld before Sifton was disclosed at trial.”

The judge who handled many of the cases ruled that the jury should be told and many of the “defendants were found not guilty.  So, for DOJ to claim this was cumulative or material to the defense is really unfair and misleading,” stated Schoen.

“The FBI had to redo their whole guidelines on the use of informants over this,” said Schoen. “Weissmann and crew did not just withhold evidence.  They actively allowed a mafia killer to remain on the street killing.”

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This new information on Weissmann’s alleged past conduct may shed light on National Review author and attorney Andrew McCarthy’s recent article revealing why the new judge in Michael T. Flynn’s case Judge Emmet G. Sullivan filed “an order directing Mueller to provide Flynn with any evidence in the special counsel’s possession that is favorable to Flynn, whether on the issue of guilt or sentencing.”

NOTE: An editorial mistake in the first paragraph incorrectly stated that Andrew Weissmann was reported to the IG nearly a decade before the 2016 presidential election. Weissmann was reported to the IG a year before the 2016 presidential election and nearly a decade before the Senate Judiciary Committee.



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  4. Sarah you’re nothing less than fabulous! I love watching you on Hannity! You always show how passionate you are about your work. Your information is spot on. Please don’t stop what you’re doing! I hope as far as the statute of limitations goes, that it will not apply here.

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    Are they staying in swanky DC hotels because of their long hours? Four star dinners?


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  15. Are there strong indications the Inspector General is objective, a straight shooter?
    Is it true they have 450 people on these multiple cases?
    It seems like there are few if any Leaks from his investigation, which should be a good sign.

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  18. Sara,
    It is my understanding that Weissmenn was also complicit in shady dealings regarding the Arthur Anderson and Enron cases as well, which would seem to indicate a pattern of behavior. Are there any other reprimands from those cases or, any others that have yet to come under scrutiny?

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  20. “Weissmann and crew did not just withhold evidence. They actively allowed a mafia killer to remain on the street killing.”
    Exactly the same thing happened in the notorious Whitey Bulger case in Boston. Bulger was convicted of nineteen murders and his FBI handlers went to prison too for aiding and abetting.

  21. I thank you as well. People can see who the real journalists are, and who are mouthpieces for the powerful. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, and holding the powerful accountable.

    As for Weissmann, seems to me he should have had his license to practice law taken away, and it sure shows very bad ethics on the part of Mueller and those involved in hiring him, especially since the government hired him.

  22. Hi, Sara – nice work.

    This is inaccurate, though:

    This new information on Weissmann’s alleged past conduct may shed light on National Review author and attorney Andrew McCarthy’s recent article revealing why the new judge in Michael T. Flynn’s case Judge Emmet G. Sullivan filed “an order directing Mueller to provide Flynn with any evidence in the special counsel’s possession that is favorable to Flynn, whether on the issue of guilt or sentencing.”

    The reason that Judge Emmet Sullivan filed that order goes back to his outrage over Justice Department misconduct in the corruption case of Senator Stevens of Alaska. Judge Sullivan appointed Henry F. Schuelke III to conduct an independent inquiry, which concluded that no criminal charges should be filed against government lawyers in the absence of a direct order from the presiding judge. And so now in addition to the standard “Brady rules”, Judge Sullivan issues a direct order commanding the government to follow the law, which somehow is required before prosecuting DOJ lawyers.

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    Continue your Pulitzer prize reporting,because you sure deserve it.


  27. Andrew Weissman learned his Craft from Robert Swan Mueller, III. Google the Ibykus Farm raid in Leesburg, Virginia in March of 1986 or the Persecution of Boston Mayor Kevin White by Mueller & William Weld in 1982.

  28. Nazis Weissman and Mueller should both be prosecuted for using gestapo tactics in the United States. Like framing innocent people then causing taxpayers to pay out Millions to compensate their victims. And locking up innocent men in prison solitary for months at a time or until they agree to say what these Nazis want them to say. And breaking into a family’s home in the middle of the night with 12 armed men flashing their weapons and tormenting and threatening the family for 12 hours.

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    I heard they used tough tactics with Manafort, surprising in that he was a cooperating witness. Armed agents arriving at the crack of dawn. Not nice.

  32. Great work Sara! I haven’t read this in any article about Robert Mueller. Back when Mueller was the US Attorney in Boston, he had exculpatory evidence that would’ve freed 4 innocent men that were convicted of a murder they didn’t commit. The families of the 4 men never gave up and that information was finally brought to light.

    Because of Mueller’s malfeasance, the 4 families were paid $102 Million of taxpayer money. When asked by a Boston newspaper reporter about why he didn’t disclose the information that would have set the 4 men free, his response was “That was a long time ago.” That’s who the real Robert Mueller is. Here’s the article:

  33. You’re absolutely correct! Unfortunately, Weissman is not unusual among federal prosecutors in his reluctance to share exculpatory evidence; he’s just more zealous about it and going for the next notch in his virtual gunbelt.

  34. Article written in haste, perhaps. The name Scarpa crashed onto the scene with no descriptive info.

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    You’re like a pitbull clamped on her leg who absolutely will not let go until she falls. You’re very brave for standing up to that ghoulish person.

    Stay safe, Good Sara.

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    They need to disbar Andrew Weissmann and begin criminal proceedings. He has a history of extra-legal (illegal) maneuvers. Our country is ruined by beasts like him.

    Thanks for all you do!

  37. It is like the Boston case. Except in this NY case, men are still in prison for 25 years now, Anthony ”Chuckie” Russo, after a Chief Judge granted a new trial, which was only stripped away by the 2nd circuit. Corrupt Lindley Delvechio is a free man collecting his pension from the FBI, and corrupt Weismann was recruited to investigate the POTUS! Anthony Russo was not given a fair trial. And Andrew Weismann is at fault for that. And this takes place in the greatest country in the world! SMH

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    Trump on the other hand can be taken down because he’s not part of the Establishment. But people like Sara just may keep him in office.

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  40. Sara, Hannity said on his 2/16/18 TV show that you had written this article; I had to read the article. It somewhat shows the deviousness of some lawyers. When a prosecutor does his best to put an innocent person in prison or a guilty person in prison having withheld evidence, why can’t the prosecutor be charged with a crime? The CABAL (lawyers) seems to move up the ladder no matter what they do to others. …”Oh what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive.” The line belongs to Sir Walter Scott, from his 1808 poem Marmion.

  41. Simply amazing , Weismann escaped condemnation for his Brady Violation? No wonder he subsequently has used agregious bully tactics like “midnight raids” to bully and intimidate , and again in the early morning raid on Mannafort. This isn’t an investigator , this is a Gestapo bulldog who has free reign to violate civil rights of citizens. If we are afraid to confront this one man , a thousand more like him will pop up , is that what you really want My fellow Americans ?

    Please follow up on Sarah’s article and demand a full investigation of Gestapo agent Andrew Weismann .

  42. FWIW, Judge Rudolph Contreras presided over the Flynn case for one week before recusing himself. If he left after one week, why not recuse himself from the beginning?

    Judge Contreras was appointed by President Obama.

    He may also be one of the secret FISA judges. So he may be a key player. Google him.

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  44. You saw the answer in the article. They get caught, someone higher up covers it up for them. No justice ever. No accountability ever. An independent media and an engaged electorate are basically the only checks left on unlimited government

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    Daughter, son in law Jeffrey Yohai, and Manafort also allegedly leased 4 apartments in one luxury building, then listed out on luxury short term rental sites. Illegal in New York? I guess they make the float.

    Jeffrey Yohai allegedly bought 4 properties in LA, under different LLCs, all went bankrupt simultaneously. Flipper? Ponzi scheme? May have been on a LA flipper TV program.

    Manafort reportedly not fond of Jeffrey Yohai, but goes into business with him? Manafort a short term volunteer for Trump.

  46. Dear Data: Hope you take your vitamins…will need extra energy to keep pushing thru! So greatful we have strong and thourough “real journalists” like you on the beat!!! Thank you!!!

  47. Dear sata:
    Hope you take your vitamins…will need extra energy to keep pushing thru! So greatful we have strong and thourough “real journalists” like you on the beat!!! Thank you!!!

  48. Thank you, Sara, for bringing ro light so much darkness. Sadly, there are many cases of corrupt prosecutors trying to win at all costs. My family and I have been targeted, as well, after we were about to receive what was wrongfully taken from us from one during a wrongful SEC case. No one can even begin to imagine what they do to others to get and keep what they want. Sometimes, it is just for a win and a name/promotion/notch on the belt/ego thing. Oftentimes, though, it is about much more. Since the DOJ received the go-ahead to keep whatever it and other agencies take from individuals and companies, the results have ben breathtaking. The average amounts went from approximately $94 million per year to $4.4 BILLION. They get raises, bonuses, trips called training events, and more. They are allowed to do anything they wish, with impunity, to get that win. They block witnesses, with the help of friendly (to the prosecutors) judges, block evidence from coming on record, withhold Brady/exculpatory evidence; they also coach agents to say what they need said on the stand, lead witnesses to lie, knowingly, threaten defense and prosecution witnesses with indictments/prosecution, and give people immunity in order to further their falsw narratives. In our case, they gave my husband’s company attorneys immunity agreements, as long as they signed to a myriad of lies (in spite of the fact that they had been on record innumerable times in depositions stating the opposite of what the DOJ presented them). They then, at trial, ensured those very same attorneys did NOT testify. They coaxed thrm to take the 5th so the jury couldn’t even hear anything about them or their prior testimony. They then ask the jidge not to give key jury instructions. They also, as a cherry on top of the whipped cream, as they did in our case, lock people up so they cannot fight fairly. They read all of their correspondences with attorneys and listen to all conversations, so they know how to fight even more unjustly. In our case, they even fought to keep us from using a server that held key information, didn’t tell us that their key witness pled the 5th in fromt of the Grand Jury, and much, much more. Thankfully, I had an amazing young Public Defender team, and they really fought for me, as did their boss. I also got some amazing talemt I had never had while locked up, and had the ability to go through and organize a lot of information (I got access to much discovery; my husband disn’t). I am a walking miracle, having survived an unjust SEC attack, as well as DOJ imprisonment while awaiting trial. My husband got a full hung jury at the initial trial. His next one was a full blown circus, with the prosecutors blocking expert witnesses, putting non expert liars on the stand, and more. He then was acquitted of the charge that held the most time/sentence, yet was sentenced as if he had been found guilty of that. He is now in a maximum security penitentiary. This really happens. And you, dear Sara, are helping fight the injustice. God bless you. Thank you, from.the bottom of my heart. I spent 14 months away from my husband and children, missed my eldest child’s prom and graduation, funerals of 2 of my dearest loved ones, Christmas, burthdays and more. My husband still is, due to the incentivization and lack of punishment for unjust prosecutors. The plea bargain issue is a whole other show, with people being threatened with life sentences unless they ‘sign the dotted line’. Thanks again and again for beginning to bring it all to light. I have learned of so many others who weren’t as fortunate as I was to have been found not guilty. They are still missing holidays, loved ones, and more. God help them and us all.

  49. Amongst a million points to make, would you look at the nose on that “Weissmann”? Go ahead, search on the old imagery of the devil himself, and tell me this “Weissmann” and the Schumer’s etc., of the world don’t resemble Evil Incarnate himself. I challenge you. Soros, Rockefellers, Mueller, Greenspan on and on and on………….. they all look like the living dead, because their father is the Prince of Death.
    Isn’t it interesting that almost every last name in this article belongs to blood sniffing pigs within the zionist scourge. They even turn on each other. Remarkable!
    We would only hope all of the zionist scourge would devour itself. I guarantee the entire world would be a much more peaceful place to enjoy without them.

  50. Let’s be careful not to go off the deep end. Clinton, Page, Strzok, Rice, Obama, Jarrett, Mills, … no religious issues there.

  51. No ‘deep end’ whatsoever. Everyone of those you mention as well, are all in the same bed. And none of the names you mention, control anything. All of them do exactly as they are instructed by the very global controllers I allude to, and there are many more.
    Your insinuation of “deep end” only brings to light your ignorance – not mine. These are not facts I need to learn, maybe others need to open their eyes a little more. Stretch. Think outside the built in blind biases and brainwashing we are surrounded with and raised with.
    Never relinquish to believing governments run nations. Banks run nations. Banks run corporations. Neither are anything without banks. People own banks. Very few people own banks.
    WHO are they? WHO are these people? Dig deep and learn.
    The “City of London” (look it up – I did not say London), the Federal Reserve (European owned private bank), Bank of England and numerous others…. who are these people?
    That is all one story – and is futile in the big picture.
    Now for the future kicker: Enter China. Not joos, no zonism, loyalties to no one but themselves. In fact, what do we see? We see the west (that would be us) in the early throes of cowering to the coming global power of China. Western corps and banks running as fast as they can to jump in bed with China. Crap its been going on for years and is only the beginning. To make this a short story – let’s just say the world never stops changing….and no one ever has stayed on top.
    Now, where were we? Oh ya that pesky scourge….

  52. If I could interject, I think the “deep end” comment was inspired by the bit where, if I followed your comments correctly you noted the obviously Jewish name of Weissman, commented on his nose and it’s resemblance to Satan. That’s the sort of stuff that makes people not want to hear you out.
    I say that respectfully, because you have a viewpoint and a right to express it, and thank God for this country where we supposedly protect free speech – and potentially offensive speech is the only speech in need of protection.

  53. Nice work Sara.
    I’ve become a huge fan of your investigating journalism.
    You leave no stone unturned.
    I find myself returning to re-read for researching links.
    Well done.

  54. Weissmann is Muellor’s personal friend. By choosing him for his team, he allows Weissmann some time, but I doubt he’ll defend him if an official criminal complaint is filed.

    With the amount of scrutiny, public outrage, an administration that knows the taint of a corrupt national police force, and an upcoming mid-term election, too much hangs in the balance to allow the charade of justice to continue. Sessions may be the one to start the pressure, but if he doesn’t remove this thorn in the side of the Trump Administration, Trump will replace him with someone that will.

  55. Sounds like someone from Russia wrote this nonsense. Money laundering, tax invasion, bank fraud – possible election fraud… conspiracy against the US. He is going to jail for the rest of his life. 67 years old 20 + years sticka fork in him….

  56. Love the article on exposing Mueller and all the corruption that has occurred. We need justice and I know you exposing all this evidence will help. Great job!!

  57. Great job Sarah on exposing Muller and all the corruption that has taken place. I only hope there will be justice for my husband and all the other victims that have been effected. It had been way to long and hearing you has been a answer to my prayers. Keep up the hood work!

    Linda Sessa

  58. Sara,
    Great Job exposing the corrupt prosecutors, especially Andrew Weissmann. You deserve a Pulitzer Prize! David Schoen is also great! Weissmann was the prosecutor in the only case in history where an FBI agent [Lindley Devecchio] testified [in 1992] on direct examination brought out by Weissmann to murders that he himself [Devecchio] was indicted for years later. Devecchio was indicted for 4 murders,plus 4 more murders charged as bad acts in 2006. Weissmann knew this [also that Devecchio`s informant Greg Scarpa Sr. committed every murder in the Colombo war that Devecchio testified to, then protected Scarpa and Devecchio] before the 1992 trial that Devecchio was corrupt and hid it from the defense, judge and jury. How is Weissmann still a prosecutor, not fired and indicted? Who obstructed Justice more than Weissmann! And this is a Person who is the lead prosecutor against Our President Now! How outrageous is this!
    Keep up the good work and expose this corruption that goes back over a quarter of a century.
    Michael, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  59. I love your work thank God for you , John Solomon , Hannity, Gorka, Garrett, Tom Fitton whom else can we count on? Sessions is going to blow this being too cautious and cowardly. WE have one chance talk him into action not allowing the swamp to rule one day longer.happy Easter and God b less you and your work America needs you.

  60. I heard an interview with Sidney Powell corraberating these corrupt happenings. Good to see. Her book License to Lie is an education. We now have another outstanding journalist in Sarah Carter. People must be informed.

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