Alex Van Der Zwaan, an attorney for a top-rated New York law firm, was charged Feb. 16, in Federal court in Washington by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office for making false statements to the FBI, as first reported by Bloomberg.

Van Der Zwaan’s indictment is related to a report he helped prepare for the trial of a Ukrainian politician, Yulia Tymoshenko, according to news reports and court documents.

From Bloomberg:

Van Der Zwaan, identified on his LinkedIn page as an associate in the London office of Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom, was questioned regarding the firm’s work in 2012 on behalf of the Ukraine Ministry of Justice. He allegedly lied to investigators about his last communications with Richard Gates, who was indicted in October with ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort over their consulting work in Ukraine.

The lawyer also allegedly lied about his talks with someone else, referred to by the government as “Person A.” Van Der Zwaan deleted and failed to produce emails sought by the special counsel and a law firm, prosecutors said.

US District Court

The Justice Department had asked Skadden for information and documents related to its work for the Yanukovych government, the New York Times reported in September.

The firm produced a report earlier in the decade for the pro-Russian government in Ukraine that largely defended the prosecution and conviction of Tymoshenko. The report defied the view held by the U.S. and the European Union that the case against her was politically motivated. The firm’s $12,000 fee was modest, just below the amount that required public bidding.



  1. So is this just tied to Manafort and Gates, or is there more to come? Time will tell.

    Side note. As Sara Carter has mentioned, Bill Priestap, also known as Bill Priestap, is an assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division. We hear very little about him, rumors he could be DeepThroat 2.0. Guess whi he is married to?

    Sabina Menshell. Menshell leads a private investigation firm in DC that pitches itself as one of the best in the world. Second, her family built a fortune with Goldmman Sachs. Father and uncle prominent billionaires. Third, public FEC records reveal that Sabina Menshell donated to multiple Hillary PACs.

    Imagine the pillow talk in that household!

  2. That’s strange, why didn’t hillary get not punishment whatsoever for lying to the investigators? This investigation is turning out to be phony as can be.

  3. Sara is right over the target . . .
    What we’re talking about at this point in Mueller’s Witch Hunt, is now a “Failed Deep State Coup” with these vile “Operatives” now in Panic Mode as they now obfuscate with face-saving bogus indictments on obscure foreign characters while endeavouring to sweep this under the Clinton Carpet as we get closer to “more whistleblowers coming outta the woodwork” and the release of the IG Michael Horowitz Report

  4. So was does this have to do with Russian collusion? Looks like another process crime. Is there anyone is DC who wouldn’t be guilty of 18 U.S. Code § 1001 while being interviewed by the FBI?
    Van Der Zwaan said his last communication with Gates was in mid August of 2016 and his last communication with “Person A” was in 2014. Mueller says he lied: “… as he there and then well knew and believed (that) on or about September 2016 he spoke with both Gates and “Person A” regarding the report and surreptitiously recorded the calls and, he deleted and otherwise did not produce emails sought by the Special Counsel’s office …”

  5. My oh my, and how many Trump associates with Russian connections have been indicted/pled guilty so far, I’m losing count?
    Oh, and you Russian/Republican trolls on here should get better English grammar checkers for your computers.

  6. Manafort was Glenn Simpson’s enemy from the day’s he worked at WSJ ,(2007, 2008) long before Fusion GPS became a siliceous sausage maker for the Clinton/Obama FBI. What stinks about The Honorable Mr. Mueller is, he co-opted Glenn Simpson’s hatred for Manafort for the purpose to thwart a US election. That will never be pursued, but it is what he did. Mueller’s conduct, when weighed against the rationale of all we know today, must be to end his prosecution of Manafort or, charge the Podesta’s also and call it a day.

  7. Sara has done a STUPENDOUS JOB of digging & investigating!!! GO SARA!!
    As for Manafort,, his History strikes me as a PERFECT “foil” OR “DISTRACTION” for Muller’s attempt of finding some, (JUST ANYTHING!!!), evidence that EITHER the trump Campaign, OR, Trump himself, “COLLUDED”; {which is WHAT crime??}; with the “Ruskies”!
    What Muller actually HAS, is simply an INVESTIGATION seeking a TARGET! — As USUAL…when one sends a Petty Criminal, to do a SERIOUS JOB, (such as exposing a supposed “MOB BOSS” who lives at 1600 Penn. Ave.), its ALWAYS wise to ALREADY HAVE THE EVIDENCE AVAILABLE….So that the “Petty Criminal” can take the credit, so that the “employer” who’s using said (“P.C.), isn’t exposed to the light of day….But WOE IS HIM!
    Muller HAS NO EVIDENCE…THUS! HELL-R-eee is getting exposed to the “LIGHT OF TRUTH”!!! What a couple of DUNCES!

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