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MSNBC host calls out Dems: ‘wear a damn mask’ especially if ‘you put’ mandate in place




Even liberal mainstream media can’t hide the fact that Democratic representatives are being so hypocritical, they have one message for them: “wear a damn mask.” Non-progressive media outlets and pundits have been saying literally what MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and contributor Eddie Glaude Jr. said, since the beginning of the pandemic.

“If there’s a mask mandate, and especially if you put the mask mandate in place, wear a damn mask. It’s not that hard” said Scarborough. Maybe Democrats will now get a clue that their hypocrisy is so bad, even their own kind is turning on them.

“Absolutely, there’s two things going at once,” Glaude responded. “One is a kind of virtue signaling. ‘This is what you must do. We are the good people here.’ And the other is this attempt, Joe, to keep track of hypocrisy, to keep track of the contradictions. And once the hypocrisy or the contradictions are revealed, you now own them. So in order to avoid the latter, in order to avoid the emptiness of the former, just put on the damn mask.”

The discussion on MSNBC was prompted by the latest offender, Stacey Abrams. Abrams visited an elementary school and posed in multiple photos with students and faculty. In every photo Abrams was the only one without a mask on.

In one eerie picture, Abrams was seated on the classroom floor, surrounded by dozens of children, all of whom were wearing masks and sitting “socially distanced” from one another. Abrams was plopped in the middle with a huge smile on her face.

Just days before, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were all in photos attending the NFL game between the Rams and 49ers. In a packed stadium. Without masks.

Both Nancy Pelosi and Democratic representative Rashida Tlaib, who is also a member of the “Squad” also violated their beloved mask mandates as weddings they attended last year.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed had no remorse when she was caught dancing in a fully packed nightclub where no one was wearing masks. She was just “feeling the music” she said in her defense.

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  1. Case

    February 9, 2022 at 7:52 pm

    Also Joe Biden who when “buying” ice cream, he was the only one whose mask was hanging under his chin. He had to ask the men guarding him how to count the change to get his ice cream. We’ve also seen members of congress about to make appearances for the media, walk towards the podium without a mask, quickly put it up when close enough to be seen.

  2. UppityWhiteMan

    February 12, 2022 at 6:48 am

    I believe the real reason the elites are so compelled to violate the mask mandate. Is to rub our noses in the fact they have power over us. A way of showing disdain. How do I know? They are so public about it. They are showing off.

    They are to a person, power freaks, How do power freaks enjoy themselves?
    By looking down on others and letting them know.

  3. ken young

    February 14, 2022 at 5:45 pm

    By now, it is abundantly clear that the entire masking/vaccine/mandate issue is a political tool of the left.

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Fauci’s NIH gives another $3.5 million to EcoHealth despite dangerous past of coronavirus research



Screen Shot 2021 05 17 at 10.47.34 AM

Just before he retires, Dr. Anthony Fauci has pushed through a new five-year grant for EcoHealth.  EcoHealth Alliance, is the U.S. nonprofit that Fauci and the National Institute of Health’s funds, “to conduct dangerous coronavirus research in partnership with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the global Covid-19 pandemic” reports National Review.

Over the next five years, the troublesome EcoHealth will receive over $3.25 million; their first check comes this year for $653,392. The grant is one of four concurrent NIH grants that EcoHealth has; three of the grants were awarded after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The description of the grant on the NIH RePORTER website is to analyze “the potential for future bat coronavirus emergence in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.”

“This is high-risk research that involves going into remote, often inaccessible areas, and sampling bats and bat excreta, and then returning those samples to laboratories in population centers where they attempt to isolate the virus … and then seek to characterize the threat level posed by the virus,” said Richard Ebright, a biosafety expert and professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University. “This is one of the kinds of research that may have been directly responsible for the current pandemic.”

The term gain-of-function research has become very controversial since the global Covid-19 pandemic, and National Review reports on the subject:

This newest EcoHealth project wouldn’t qualify as gain-of-function research, Ebright said. Gain-of-function research involves extracting viruses from animals and engineering them in a lab to make them more transmissible or dangerous to humans. But Ebright said two of EcoHealth’s grants do involve gain-of-function research and enhanced potential pandemic research on coronaviruses. And even if the current description of the new project doesn’t involve gain-of-function research, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t later.

From securing funding to completing the research, it is a six-year process, Ebright said, and the project is bound to change over those six years. “If researchers robotically followed what they proposed six years ago, they would not be taking into account developments in their own labs and in the field at any point along the way,” he said. “You have to have this flexibility. That also means you need oversight to make sure the flexibility isn’t going into forbidden areas.”

Going into forbidden areas is exactly how EcoHealth and its president, Peter Daszak, previously got into trouble. Starting in 2014, the U.S. government temporarily paused funding for gain-of-function research due to concerns over biosafety and biosecurity. When some of EcoHealth’s research – involving infecting genetically-engineered mice with hybrid viruses – seemed to cross that line, NIAID staff and EcoHealth leaders crafted work-around guidelines to allow the nonprofit to continue its work.

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