‘Mommy, what’s a stripper pole?’: How would the NFL answer that?

“Mommy, what’s a stripper pole?”

I suspect many parents across the fruited plain were faced with that awkward question after letting their youngsters watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira starred in what can only be described as an NC-17 softcore porn production that featured a stripper pole, lots of crotch shots and simulated sex.

“We were disgusted with the raunchy show, provocative gestures, pole dancing, lack of modesty,” one outraged mom wrote on Twitter.

They were doing things that would have made the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah blush.

The NFL should’ve donated $10,000 every time one of the performers grabbed their private parts. They could’ve funded orphanages in every nation on the planet.

The halftime show was a bit puzzling – especially in the today’s “woke” society. For the record, it’s impolite to spread your legs on national television.

What kind of a message are they sending to young girls when grown women take a twirl on a stripper pole on national television?

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Here are some of the reactions on twitter regarding tonight’s Super Bowl: