Moderna Inc: COVID19 Vaccine 94.5% effective

Moderna Inc announced Monday that its experimental vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19. They noted that the information was based on “interim data from a late-stage clinical trial.”

Moderna follows Pfizer in producing a vaccine against the deadly COVID19 virus. President Donald Trump and his administration hailed the new vaccine as a success and its push to get a vaccine to the public through its initiative Operation Warp Speed.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany “Big News!”

“Thanks to President @realDonaldTrump’s highly successful Operation Warp Speed, a second vaccine (Moderna) has shown high efficacy in Phase 3 clinical trial,” McEnany said on Twitter. “This news comes just after Pfizer likewise proved successful. Big wins for all!!”

Pfizer Inc’s vaccine is said to be 90% effective in its phase three trial. Currently its waiting for more reviews before it will be made available for the public.

Reuters reported that the U.S. could have two authorized vaccines for emergency use as early as December and as many as 60 million doses of vaccine available before the end fo the year.

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