Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes For Community-Based ‘Alternatives to Policing’

The Minneapolis City Council passed unanimously Friday a resolution to move forward with a new model of public safety that they’re trying to accomplish without police. The resolution was passed following the tragic death of George Floyd, a black man who lost his life in police custody.

“Today’s unanimous City Council resolution advances our shared commitment to transformative change in how Minneapolis approaches public safety so that every member of our community can be truly safe,” said City Council President Lisa Bender. “As we respond to demands for immediate action to reduce police violence and support community safety, we will invite our community to help shape long-term transformative change, centering the voices of those most impacted by community violence and police violence.”

Following Floyd’s death, many took to rioting in the streets, which turned destructive and violent. Although the City’s Mayor Jacob Frey responded to calls to defund the police altogether, a demand of rioters, he didn’t fully commit and was publicly shamed. The City Council, however, pledged that they would move forward with the agenda.

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