Mike Pence: ‘Violence in Israel is the price of Biden’s weakness’

Former Vice President Mike Pence penned a scathing op-ed in National Review on Tuesday, accusing President Biden of “weakness,” “confusion” and “betrayal” amidst the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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In the piece, Pence blamed the increasing conflict on the Biden administration. “Many Americans witnessing the recent bloodshed in Israel are perplexed by how quickly violence erupted after years of calm,” Pence wrote. “The answer is that President Biden and congressional Democrats have abandoned unambiguous support for our ally Israel, emboldened our enemies, and turned their back on the policy that yielded historic peace deals in the Middle East.”

First, Pence pointed out, the Trump administration publicly supported Israel and quite the “dangerous Iran nuclear deal.” It was under Trump that the American embassy moved to Jerusalem. All the while, they faced criticism.

“Every step of the way, Democrats and self-proclaimed foreign-policy ‘experts’ derided our administration’s approach and issued dire warnings that blood would soon flow in the streets of Israeli cities,” Pence wrote. “As usual, they were wrong.”

“But now, President Biden has sent the world a profoundly different message,” Pence went on. “Instead of seeking peace through strength, he has invited violence through weakness.” Pence blasted Psaki for refusing to answer the question of whether Israel was “an important ally” or not.

“Every tepid statement uttered by the Biden-Harris administration is built on a false equivalency between Israel and Hamas,” Pence wrote.

As far as solutions, Pence suggests all there’s left to do is pray. “Americans should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stand without apology for our most cherished ally, Israel until the violence is quelled and Israel’s security is restored,” he wrote.

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