Migrants From Cuba And Africa Stage Violent Riot in Mexico

Migrants in a Mexican immigration center in Tapachula, Mexico staged a riot on Wednesday, according to The Daily Caller. In a video posted to twitter, migrant men could be seen being held in an overcrowded facility. The group managed to burn documents and destroy the building’s infrastructure.

According to a Mexican news site, members of the group were from Cuba and Africa. The municipal building was over double its capacity with roughly two thousand migrants. There were an additional 700 waiting to be processed, according to the news site.

The Mexican news site Reforma reported that 15 Cuban migrants managed to escape in the riot.

The system is overwhelmed and a new caravan is forming in Honduras. Last month, The Trump Administration reached an agreement with Central American countries to share information between the countries’ police forces. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador agreed in an effort to stop mass caravans from human smuggling and abuse.