Migrants believed ‘Biden had opened the borders for them’: Sara Carter

Sara Carter illustrated on Sunday her encounters with unaccompanied migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border on her recent trips there.

The investigative columnist told Fox News program “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton” that, based on her interactions at the border, the migrants arriving there as part of the recent surge made the journey because of President Joe Biden’s immigration policy and messaging.

“There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when you run into a group of migrant children,” Carter said during a segment on the program Sunday evening.

“A young girl I ran into was 13 years old, the youngest in the group was four years old, 16-year-old boys, 14-year-old boys—and they traveled over three months, alone, on a journey that was so dangerous,” she recanted. “They said that some of the people they traveled with had actually lost their lives.”

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Coming from Honduras, the children made the perilous northward trek to the United States, Carter reported, “because they had been told—and they absolutely believe—that Biden had opened the borders for them, that they would not be returned.”

“And frankly, they were right,” the journalist added, then touched on Biden reversing former President Donald Trump‘s immigration policy.

“Biden said in early February that he was ‘eliminating bad policy,’ he was saying he was ‘eliminating’ [former President Donald] Trump’s ‘bad policy,'” Carter told host Steve Hilton. “The message was loud and clear throughout Central America; and the human traffickers, as well as the drug cartels, take advantage of that.”

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“And when you have terrible foreign policy and terrible messaging,” she concluded, “that’s what they do—and what we’re seeing now is a result of that.”

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