Michigan Judge allows release of Antrim County election forensic report on voting machines and allegations of fraud

A Michigan judge ordered the public release Monday of a report submitted by lawyers supporting President Donald Trump and the election fraud allegations they say will reveal serious concerns that the computer machines used in the voting in Antrim County were compromised. The forensic report allegedly contains data that will reveal that the computer systems used to vote in the county were not secure and had foreign components that made them susceptible to manipulation and or fraud, according to those directly familiar with the case.

Michigan’s Assistant Attorney General Erik Grill, representing Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, immediately shot back against the release of the report, which President Donald Trump supporters say raises significant questions of voter fraud and implications to the U.S. national security. He suggested that the report being released is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading,” according to the Detroit News. “There’s no reason to hide,” said Grill, during a virtual court hearing Monday morning. “There is nothing to hide.”

However, lawyers and computer experts working to expose what they say is a serious threat to U.S. security and infrastructure say the report will reveal the irregularities in the data and external foreign interference in the system.

The legal team “submitted the forensics report to the Judge (Sunday) at 8:30 a.m. per the Judge’s request,” stated a source familiar with the report.

According to sources, who spoke to me this weekend the forensic report of the computer system reveals that there are serious national security implications to the evidence discovered because “the election system is categorized as critical infrastructure, this is a threat to, it is a national security concern.”

The lawsuit was initiated by Antrim County resident William Bailey. Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, a former Republican lawmaker, allowed Allied Securities Operation Group and Bailey to take forensic images of the county’s 22 tabulators and review other election-related material to ensure election integrity.

The forensic analysis has been under protective order. It could not be released prior to the Judge’s decision Monday, when Elsenheimer ordered the release with some redactions.

Antrim County has roughly 23,000 residents and the discovery that roughly 6,000 votes cast using the Dominion Voting Systems that should have gone to President Donald Trump went to Joe Biden without explanation triggered the ongoing investigation by Trump supporters.

The bizarre explanation that a failure to update voting software led to Joe Biden initially receiving those thousands of votes ahead of Trump in the Republican-leaning county wasn’t accepted by the majority of Trump supporters, nor many of the Michigan GOP.

If the forensic report is accurate on the irregularities, as well as other issues of alleged fraud regarding the Dominion Voting Systems used in 28 states across the country, it may snowball to other state legislatures requesting audits of their systems as well.

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