Michael Cohen Was Once a Defender of Trump’s Honesty

The Republican National Committee released a video Wednesday showing numerous occasions where President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen defended his former boss and touted Trump’s honesty.

Once Cohen promised he’d “take a bullet” for the President and now, he suggests that the President is a conman and a liar.

But it appears Cohen is describing himself to some extent. According to Southern District of New York and the Special Counsel’s Office, Cohen is a liar.

The reports read as follows (RNC Blog)

  • Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York concluded: “His instinct to blame others is strong.” Despite this, they found that his motivation to commit crime was not borne from “naiveté, carelessness, misplaced loyalty, or political ideology,” but “were knowing and calculated acts” that Cohen executed in order to “profit personally, build his own power, and enhance his level of influence.”
  • According to the Special Counsel’s Office, Cohen’s lies were “deliberate and premeditated,” and that he made a “deliberate effort to use his lies to set the tone and shape the course of his talks” with Congress.

Cohen’s testimony at the House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday comes just before he heads to prison for lying to congress. Cohen opened his testimony today by calling Trump “a racist”, “a conman”, and “a cheat”. However, the RNC video shows several interviews and speeches where Cohen described Trump as a “Unifier”, “generous”, “compassionate”, “principled”, “empathetic”, and “kind”. The video concludes with one phrase “HAVE FUN IN PRISON”.



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