Mexican Authorities Find 29 Bodies in Plastic Bags

Mexican authorities encountered over 100 plastic bags holding 29 bodies Tuesday, according to Reuters. The bodies were found in a mass grave located in Jalisco, which is notorious for gang turf battles. For example, last month Mexican police found 19 bodies hanging from an overpass with a banner that bore the Jalisco cartel symbol and a threat to a rival gang the Viagras.

The cartels are notorious for using medieval means to their ends.  According to the Reuter’s report, over half of the bodies were mutilated. The mass graves and brutal public displays of bodies are used to deter rival gangs. Many locals are fleeing the violence and asking the U.S. for asylum.

According to a report by Austin’s KXAN, families assembled this week at the Paso del Norte port of entry said they were fleeing Jalisco’s threats. The group uses the local community as collateral often carrying out local kidnappings.

The Mexican drug cartel violence is only expected to increase and the number of murders is likely to surpass 29,111, which was last year’s number.



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