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‘Merchant of Death’ wants to join Ukraine invasion, thinks Russia should have done ‘this earlier’



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Russia’s ‘Merchant of Death’ who was just swapped for American WNBA player Brittney Griner may have plans to join the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer is also a former Russian Army Lt Col.

Russian state-sponsored outlet RT asked Bout about the invasion, to which he responded, “I never understood why we didn’t do this earlier.”

“I fully support the special military operation,” Bout said, using Russia’s nickname for the invasion of Ukraine. “If I could share the skills I have, I would readily volunteer.”

He accused the United States of “inhumane” treatment while he was in prison and said he “lost a lot of weight.”

Bout was convicted in 2011 of conspiring to kill Americans and providing support to terrorists, including the Colombian FARC guerrilla army, reports Just The News.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder said he was “one of the world’s most prolific arms dealers” whose “arms trafficking activity and support of armed conflicts have been a source of concern around the globe for decades.”

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Israel Defense Forces say coalition successfully intercepted over 99 percent of Iranian drones, missiles



Iran nuclear weapons program

The U.S., U.K, France, and Jordan came together with Israel to intercept the onslaught of Iranian drones targeting Israel, according to multiple reports.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded defiantly, saying his country is “strong” and prepared to defend itself from any threat.

“Our defense systems are deployed, and we are prepared for any scenario, both in defense and offense. The State of Israel is strong, the IDF is strong, the public is strong,” Netanyahu said.

“We appreciate the US for standing by Israel’s side as well as the support of the UK, France and many other countries,” he continued.

“I established a clear principle — whoever hurts us, we will hurt them. We will defend ourselves from any threat and we will do so calmly and with determination.”

In conjunction with the attack, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei launched a tirade against Israel on Saturday and blamed the Jewish state for the recent attack on an Iranian compound in Damascus, Syria.

“The malicious regime has made a wrong move in this case. It should be punished and it will be punished,” he said of Israel.

National Review reports:

Iran typically targets Israel through its network of well-resourced regional proxies such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel continues to fights its war against Hamas sparked by the terrorist group’s mass civilian slaughter and rape on October 7.

Hamas rejected another temporary cease-fire proposal after negotiations began in Cairo, Egypt last weekend between U.S., Qatari, and Egyptian officials. The cease-fire proposal would have seen Israel exchange hundreds of Gazan prisoners for dozens of the hostages held in captivity by Hamas.

As for injuries, a seven-year-old girl suffered severe injuries from shrapnel that fell directly onto her home. She was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery for a head wound. An estimated 31 people in total were treated for stress and minor injuries.



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