Mercedes Schlapp: Big tech is ‘trying to elect Joe Biden and destroy Pres. Trump’

Senior Advisor for the Trump-Pence campaign explained to Sara A. Carter on The Sara Carter Show podcast Thursday that social media companies are censoring information ahead of the election to get former Vice President Joe Biden elected.

“I think you’re seeing more and more that this idea of censorship is a big, big problem, the fact that they’re not letting the American people decide what they can and cannot read that it’s literally these ‘fact checkers,’ who are making the decisions people that we don’t even know who they are. And we know for the most part that they’re probably liberal, and they’re trying to protect Joe Biden.”

Schlapp added that the tech giants “have been a huge disappointment” and an “embarrassment because at the end of the day, they’re pushing one solid message. And it’s not freedom of speech. It is trying to, really trying to elect Joe Biden and destroy the president. It’s very, very clear.”

Earlier this week, the Senate Commerce Committee heard the testimony of the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Republicans on the Committee grilled the social media leaders on many instances of censorship including the suppression of The New York Post’s ‘smoking gun’ reporting on Hunter Biden alleging he leveraged his father’s position in the Obama administration to profit overseas. The Post‘s account has been suspended and many users report they’re unable to share or even view the story on Twitter. Twitter, however, defends the censorship as a violation of its rules and says it will only restore the Post’s account when the story is deleted from the platform.

“I’m so glad that our republican senators are holding these social media companies accountable,” Schlapp told Carter. “They do not deserve this legal immunity that they have right now. Because it is an outrage on how they’re treating companies like the New York Post where the account continues to remain suspended in Twitter for no apparent reason. And the mere fact is, is more and more evidence is coming out.”

She added, “I mean, it really clearly shows that Joe Biden is corrupt, the mere fact that he has been involved in these foreign dealings with Hunter Biden, with China, advising them on what needed to be done, and I do think that the truth will come out, but you’re going to continue to see the suppression campaign not only coming from big tech but from liberal media, where they continuously refuse to cover Tony Bobulinsky, who was hunter Biden’s former partner.”