“This is a movement of politics,” Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA) said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “This is not the Democratic Party of the past.”

“Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democratic presidential nominee.”

“He’s reflective of their policies and their philosophy,” McCarthy said, noting that Sanders is so far beating experienced politician and former Vice President Joe Biden “by more than twice the number of votes.”

“Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren have dropped,” McCarthy said on Monday. “This is really a Bernie Sanders party.”

“This is AOC. This is Tlaib. This is Omar. They call themselves socialist Democrats. Not when Bernie started running, when they got elected inside Congress,” McCarthy noted.

“They embrace Bernie Sanders’ policy. They embrace socialism, they’re just embarrassed of Bernie.”

“More than half of the Democrats in Congress have co-sponsored ‘Medicare-for-all.’ Almost half, the Green New Deal,” McCarthy continued. “They call themselves socialist Democrats, the Squad that controls the floor.”