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McCarthy still doesn’t have Speakership votes, discussing concessions with Freedom Caucus



House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Thursday marks day three and six total votes that Republican Kevin McCarthy of California has still not received enough votes to secure position as Speaker of the House.

Therefore, McCarthy and members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus (HFC) are “reportedly discussing additional concessions in efforts to sway more Republican voters” toward electing him, reports Fox News.

One GOP aide reportedly confirmed to Fox News that McCarthy is in fact considering “giving more power” to the HFC group such as adding more of its members to top committees, more representation on the steering committee and commitments for votes on major bill items of preference by the HFC.

Allegedly the discussions took place before Wednesday night’s motion to adjourn until noon on Thursday.

Before the 216-214 decision to adjourn Wednesday night, McCarthy pointed towards some progress from private discussions:

“I crawl before I walk, I walk before I run,” McCarthy said after the House adjourned. “I felt as though we had a very good discussion.”

Fox News reports:

The House is expected to begin its seventh vote on Thursday as McCarthy has failed to secure the votes six total times: three times on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The most he received came on Tuesday with 203 votes.

Twenty Republicans are standing in McCarthy’s way to the speakership, with most of them being members of the House Freedom Caucus. One of the preferred candidates for the 20 representatives is Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who has said he isn’t interested and announced his support for McCarthy.

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Federal Reserve Economist on hidden camera: ‘we don’t want Trump to be in the government’



Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 7.05.24 PM

Hidden Camera captures Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve talking about Jerome Powell’s legacy as “somebody who held the line against like, Trump.” According to hidden camera footage of Aurel Hizmo, principal economist at the Federal Reserve, the U.S. agency could have fixed inflation a while ago but refused to do so for fear of hurting President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

Hizmo told an undercover reporter that the Fed stopped raising the rates to tackle inflation because it could cause a recession that would likely end Biden’s 2024 campaign.

The influential agency responsible for maintaining a stable monetary system appears to not just be establishing interest rates, but to be setting policies for desired social outcomes. “Under Powell, the Fed has changed to think about equity issues, like racial issues, think about wealth inequality as part of the mandate, as part of the things we are following. Think about climate change.” Aurel Hizmo, Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve, who prior to working at the Fed was an Assistant Professor helps write speeches for Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell for the Federal Open Market Committee.

Hizmo says “Trump is just a crazy person” and conservatives are “dumb” as he describes to OMG’s American Swiper Citizen Journalist a politicized Federal Reserve Board where Powell has promoted ESG issues like climate change and “wants to be remembered in history” “as a savior.” But shhh…don’t tell anyone because Hizmo says: “I’m just really worried that I’m saying stuff that’s classified…It’s all classified.”



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