McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi Owns New Unemployment Numbers

22 million people have filed for unemployment insurance during the coronavirus pandemic and the number is expected to increase in a new jobs report expected Thursday. During an interview with Fox News’ Ed Henry Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi owns the new numbers because she delayed a deal to extend funding for American workers.

“Thursday, we’ll get the new unemployment numbers,” McCarthy said. “That’s gonna be Pelosi’s unemployment. She did not have to do this. This is a program that worked better than any program we’ve seen. We’ve been able to move in fourteen days, the amount of money the Small Business Administration has been able to move in fourteen years. Think of that, 30 million jobs saved, but how many people got laid off this week simply because Democrats wanted to use leverage to change the direction and the restructuring of government.”

The GOP Leader also confirmed to Henry that Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill had reached a deal to provide additional funding to the Small Business Administration’s Payment Protection Program that ran out of money and stopped distributing small business loans last week.

He added, “We waited two weeks ago we said that this money was gonna run out. Because remember what this is. This is to keep people employed, to keep small businesses able to stay afloat while the government told them they had to shut down. And it has gone out. And if you look at this, we’ve saved 30 million jobs with this program, but there’s 700,000 applications sitting there. Nancy Pelosi has stopped it.”