McCarthy: Nadler Fixated with Impeachment, Despite Public Opposition

“This is an imaginary impeachment,” said Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA) the House Minority Leader in an interview with Fox News.

“First, nobody in America wants it — their own polling with Democrats show it… any Democrat running for president doesn’t get asked about it.

“This is only Nadler who is requesting this,” continued McCarthy.

McCarthy also claimed Nadler raised the issue of impeachment among his Democratic colleagues to make his best pitch to land the plum chairmanship he now holds.

“You have to campaign within your own conference, meaning all the Democrats right after the election in 2018,” the California Republican said.

“You know what Nadler campaigned on? That he would be the very best chairman for impeachment. This is something he personally wants, even though there’s no facts for it nor a country who desires it.

“Nadler is so far off. This is a chairman who doesn’t even know the most basics on how to run a committee.”